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Late period, negative test.

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ThePartyArtist Sun 22-Nov-15 17:25:59

Five months ago I came off the pill, having been on it for about 10 years. My cycle has been pretty regular since then - it's always on the same expected date for the past five months, with the exception of one of those months when it was about 2 days late. We have been using condoms but only really putting one on for 'the moment' not the 'lead up' if you see what I mean. So I think it's probably unlikely I'm pregnant but can't be sure.

Period this month was due on Wednesday, it's now Sunday and no period still. None of the usual feeling of slightly achey from the side I'm ovulating from either. Have done two Boots pregnancy tests, one when I was one day late and one when I was 4 days late (first thing this morning). Now I don't know what to think or do! DH says I'm overreacting and my cycle's probably still settling down, but I feel it settled almost as soon as I came off the pill, and can't stop thinking about it!

Pollyputhtekettleon Mon 23-Nov-15 00:51:34

Well, think of it like this. If your cycle is regular, as you believe it is, then you are not pregnant. If it isn't regular then either you are not pregnant or you are and it is too early to show up on a test yet.

If you are not then I suggest you use contraceptives properly rather than half the way unless you both really want a baby. The pill might work better if you don't like using condoms properly? Sorry to be so direct but when a accidental pregnancy is hypothetical it's all very funny and exciting, but when it's real it can be a horrific shock if it's not something you both want and are ready for. In my own experience.

sykadelic Mon 23-Nov-15 02:09:04

It's perfectly normal to have 2 annovulatory cycles per year (i.e. don't ovulate) and thus skip a period. Also if you're stressed you can delay ovulation which in turn can delay your period.

I'm sure you're aware that pre-ejaculate can have sperm that's why "the pull out method" (which shouldn't even be called a method) or in your case the "put a condom on only for the final act" method, is NOT a reliable form of birth control.

ThePartyArtist Mon 23-Nov-15 10:19:18

Thanks @Polly and @Sky - I'll certainly heed your advice.
I can't stop thinking about it.
Do you know if a GP would do a blood test at this stage (5 days late)?

Pollyputhtekettleon Mon 23-Nov-15 13:37:44

They might but pregnancy tests are on the whole very reliable. I'd probably not bother with the doc but would test again in a few days.

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