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1st appointment

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Kaytee1987 Sun 22-Nov-15 12:54:57

Hey, I'm 5 weeks pg and have my first doctors appointment tomorrow to get the ball rolling for scans etc. What can I expect from my appointment tomorrow? X

MaryEllen1 Sun 22-Nov-15 13:12:27

If it's anything like mine I just got given a piece of paper with the pregnancy booking line details on it and was told to call them and that was it, bum barely hit the seat before I was ushered out again lol

gamerchick Sun 22-Nov-15 13:26:11

Not much, you'll be in and out pretty quickly. GP refers us here to midwives and we wait for letter coming for appointments. At booking in visit with midwife it's all form filling for an hour and then sent away to wait for scan appointment. Nothing really happens in the first trimester and very little in the second all going well.

seven201 Sun 22-Nov-15 13:48:58

When I rang to make a gp appointment when I first found out I was pregnant they just told me to call the midwife instead. I don't think you get to see a gp where I live. I should imagine they'll just give you a form to fill in and say congratulations.

Iammad Sun 22-Nov-15 15:24:35

Don't see a gp here, stright to booking in with the midwife.

DowntonDiva Sun 22-Nov-15 19:30:27

Where I live I had to see the GP to get a referral and select my hospital (London based).

They also did blood pressure, blood tests and spent some time to talk through medical history and basic do's and donts. My GP is amazing and know not all friends have experienced the same.

Worth having a think about any medical history/family history you'd like to raise and hospital choice if you have a preference.

Congratulations thanks

Kaytee1987 Mon 23-Nov-15 09:48:28

Had my appointment, doctor was very nice took blood pressure, weight, asked me which hospital I would prefer then gave me midwifes number to phone. Called them and booked in for my bloods on 15th December and scan will be 13th January smile going to book private scan so I can tell family and close friends before Christmas x

mackinnonka Mon 23-Nov-15 14:48:16

Hi Kaytee (seems we are similar age and similar stage of pregnancy - hoorah!)

I have my first meet with midwife this week and no clue what to expect, everyone seems to say different things about how it went for them!

I had to see GP for a "confirmation" appointment, but other than asking me which hospital I wanted to use and about my dates she didn't do anything useful. I cam out thinking "what was the point of that?".

I knew I would need a dating scan so I booked it private as I think I would have had to wait a while for one through midwife. Had the private scan at the weekend and was so straightforward and reassuring it was great, would def recommend! They dated me and did a general 'check everything is as it should be' check and go some photos of the wee splodge!

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