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Excessive hiccups?

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Nousername2015 Sat 21-Nov-15 06:42:14

I'm 31+3 and yesterday baby had hiccups 7 times. This is unusual as I'd only felt them very occasionally before. Spoke to community midwife who advised being monitored as apparently there is some research being done at the moment into a link between hiccups and cord issues. Her exact words were 'don't let them fob you off at the hospital'. Called day unit and sure enough was made to feel a bit daft. They did see me but I was on the ctg for about 10 mins before they sent me home. I then proceeded to have 3 more bouts of hiccups through the evening and night. Called triage and got told not to worry and that hiccups are good, but not to treat them as movement.
I'm not overly worried as baby is still moving as usual but there is a part of me that is concerned about this sudden change. The Americans take a different view and suggest a link to cord compression with excessive hiccups.
I guess my question is has anyone else experienced this, and did you manage to get checked for issues? Or what could be the triggers for an increase in hiccups? I've got a horrible dry cough at the moment so have been drinking a lot of water, could this be a reason? Just feeling a bit anxious about it all really.

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