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2days menstruation

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julia02 Fri 20-Nov-15 13:31:59

Hi! I'm Julia. I'm writting here for first time. I'm trying for a baby for 6 six months and still nothing. On october, I had an unsure miscarriage. My pregnancy test was pozitive, but my period happen and then ultrasound scan cannot seen anything. So, the doctor said that he wasn't sure if I were or not pregnant before period show up. This month, period comes and I had heavy period. First day I got a lot of tummy pain. The second day, I got a lot of blood with cloots. And the third day, bleeding stops. I am worried. What is happening with my body? Has it happen at anyone else? What have you done? Thanks.

lemon101 Fri 20-Nov-15 17:34:22

Hi Julia,
It might be a good idea to move this to the trying to conceive chat section as you will get more answers.
It just sounds like a weird period to me and ttc can be stressful and cause that sort of thing. Be reassured that 6 months isn't long (even though it will feel it) so take it easy on yourself.

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