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Broody but afraid of ill health...

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Mum537 Thu 19-Nov-15 21:09:10

So I'm 32 with Hashimotos... Ive suffered from chronic neck pain for over 3 years. I'm 5ft8, Size 24/22. I was diagnosed autumn 2013 a year on from having a long drawn out miscarriage. I had a nexplanon implant in since Dec 2012. Since then when ever I've become broody I've snubbed the feeling off after a while of a battle in my head over Wether or not I should have another or not. I'm afraid my health will deteriorate if I become pregnant again. As I lost my mobility during the miscarriage which was due to a back injury I'd had from gardening before I knew I was pregnant. Any way I've been feeling low again ad I'm broody. I want to know if there are any mother that are going through a similar thing or if there's some that have had success... ?? Need some women folks to talk too lol... I'm due out my nexplanon in a few weeks starting to feel like it's a now or never situation. We have a 8 almost 9year okd Daughter... I always felt I'd have 2 bairns whenever I visulised it... Been broody since she was about 3yrs old but due to complications with my relationship with her father at that time... An then after reconciliation we tried an my health got in the way... If anyone can share their Motherhood trials etc it would be major appreciated Thanks Shevan xxx

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