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Feel like a bloody pin cushion!

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Helgathehairy Thu 19-Nov-15 19:00:46

Had blood taken on Tuesday, 5 vials.

Got a phone call Wednesday that the doctor who had taken the blood on Tueday had labelled it incorrectly and I needed to have it taken again. 3 vials this time.

Today, another phone call that the doctor yesterday didn't take enough blood and I need to go back tomorrow to have more taken.

Bit sick of this now.

Junosmum Thu 19-Nov-15 21:19:58

Bloods Monday by midwife, whooping cough and flu vaccine Tuesday by practice nurse, Anti-d Thursday at hospital, bloods for thyroid tests on Friday by blood clinic. I win!

Helgathehairy Thu 19-Nov-15 21:27:02

I had the flu vaccine on Tuesday as well but you do still win!

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