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Large baby fully engaged at 31 weeks

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laulea82 Thu 19-Nov-15 12:41:24

I have had a midwife appointment this morning, and am 31+4 with second baby. Midwife has confirmed that the baby's head is fully engaged and that he / she is a LARGE baby (90 centile).
I am having a planned section at 39 weeks and the consultant wants me to avoid labour completely.
Is there a risk of early labour due to the position of the baby's head and its size? I am feeling uncomfortable with pressure down there and braxton hicks but touch wood no labour signs. I wonder if i could / should ask for a section at 38 weeks instead of 39?
Has anyone been fully engaged at this early stage? When did you go into labour? The midwife said that it could happen and i should try to be prepared and get in touch as soon as i feel anything.
My daughter didn't engage until labour at 40 weeks so it seems very early for this to have happened.

jmac88 Thu 19-Nov-15 13:47:28

I have no idea but can totally see where you're coming from. Head being engaged surely means it could happen any time?? Why the c section though? I didn't think a big baby necessarily meant section...

laulea82 Thu 19-Nov-15 14:06:35

Thanks. I think the mw didn't want to scare me cause they really can't predict what's going to happen. Feel like I'm much more pregnant than I am!
The section is unrelated. Had an emergency section last time which resulted in quite extensive damage so it's too risky to try vbac.

jmac88 Thu 19-Nov-15 14:51:36

Ahh I see. Hopefully someone will be along soon with some experience of this as I'd be interested to know!

Stom91 Thu 19-Nov-15 15:27:47

I didn't have a big baby but my DD was engaged from 30 weeks & was 12 days late grin

Bambooshoots14 Thu 19-Nov-15 15:48:33

My big baby was engaged 6 weeks early then induced 12 days late as his head got so big it popped back out. I wouldn't worry too much as I don't think its very reliable

laulea82 Thu 19-Nov-15 16:02:48

Oh crikey - I can't imagine going up to 12 weeks waddling around!!
Hopefully therefore the position of the baby's head has nothing to do with when labour might start. But does mean I'm likely to be uncomfortable for a while yet.
At least I know in 8 weeks baby will be here!

Evianbaby15 Thu 19-Nov-15 20:30:24

I'm in a similar position - 34+2 , babies head has been engaged for few weeks now and booked in for elcs at 39w - I too measuring big. Trying not to worry too much though as last baby was big and he was 11 days late!

Luckygirlcharlie Fri 20-Nov-15 09:33:18

Ds1 was engaged for quite a while before I finally was induced at 41+4. Maybe 5 weeks. He was 10.5lbs and nothing i did got labour started despite being engaged and massive!

laulea82 Fri 20-Nov-15 11:37:00

I am so so uncomfortable, I can't walk / waddle for longer than about 5 minutes without being uncomfortable and need the loo about every 45 minutes. Does anybody know if it is possible to request an earlier section, like at 38 weeks?
I can't see how the baby can simply stay engaged for the next 8 weeks? I fear a prem baby but also i fear feeling like this over Christmas and beyond. I am finishing work in 2 weeks but have a two year old to look after (she will be in nursery 2 days). I seem to remember shopping all day the day before my due date last time, now i feel like i have an egg between my legs or that a harsh sneeze might cause my waters to break! (sorry TMI)

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