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Low hcg not rising properly !!! 5 wks was doubling now after six days there not !!

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louisep2101 Wed 18-Nov-15 20:58:57

Hi ok it's long story but basic as are ;

Ruptured ectopic 2009
Healthy baby 2011
Twin miscarriage 2015
And now this pregnancy !

I'm Only 5 weeks and they can't rule out ectopic but here are my hcg results

10/11 49
12/11 91
14/11 151 - all doubling nicely then today I ended in Gynae emergency

18/11 247 !!! So in four days it's only raised 100 nowhere near doubled and doubled again since last lot !!

Has anyone had this happen and what was outcome ???

My consultant wants me to return in 5 days for u/s had one today and couldn't see anythin couldn't rule out ectopic as couldn't see sac???

Really worried I don't want another ectopic !! Last one was horrific and I lost tube
I'm just concerned because was raising. Fine and now it's not

Progesterone 38

Any advice is welcome !!

RoTo72 Thu 19-Nov-15 10:16:37

I have no advice, juat wanted u to know I'm thinking about you and hoping its a good outcome. I'm 7 weeks so newish to this, my first preg was 16yrs ago and with ds there was no talk of levels. Did test got scan at 12 weeks and that was that. Tbh I think now with more to know its def a more terrifying place

flippyflapper Thu 19-Nov-15 14:12:40

Yes me smile

Apart from I didn't have history of ectopic my hcg levels never doubled .. I was in and out for scan after scan, got a phone call and told to be prepared for a mc and the talk about what do look out for etc.

When for another scan just to make sure as my hcg were going up but no where near doubling and there were TWO heartbeats.

They are now nearly 4.

Good luck

louisep2101 Thu 19-Nov-15 16:11:46

Hi thank you ! I am worried because there were goin up nicely now they stopped I did have twin pregnancy that miscarried but hey could see them at five weeks and this time they couldn't ! So I'm
Really worried

flippyflapper Thu 19-Nov-15 16:49:14

I completely understand why you are worried. I only had the testing because I not long had my dd and hadn't had a period so wasn't sure how far along I was.

They didn't pick my heartbeats up till 6 weeks up until then they never found a thing so was assuming an ectopic.
I was googling like mad and was so worried.

I think hold out hope unless they start declining as things can still turn out poitive.
I hope you dint have to wait too long for another scan.

Maybe if funds alow see if you could have a private scan?

louisep2101 Thu 19-Nov-15 17:41:07

I think it's too early. I had one yesterday and couldn't see anything I'm booked in for another one Tuesday because my levels so low they won't pick anything up til over 1000 it's so hard just trying to keep busy , feel really bloated and progesterone levels good and when they scanned my lining of womb was thick just can't see sac or anything yet ! I hope it's ok ! But I'll definitely keep you updated roll on Tuesday!

Flowersonthewall Thu 19-Nov-15 17:48:26

Just to let you know I'm in a similar sort of position, not regarding hcg levels but waiting on another scan, I had one on Monday after some bleeding after the weekend and they saw a pregnancy sac but no heartbeat but said it was too early to tell (am 5-6 weeks) but there was something in my Fallopian tube most likely a cyst didn't look ectopic but they couldn't rule it out so back for scan next is the longest week and every ache and niggle is driving me insane... On top of that my nausea is absolutely horrendous and feel as sick as a dog.

Sorry to hop on but wanted to let you know your not alone. Xxx

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