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GBS and Septicaemia

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TeamSteady Tue 17-Nov-15 22:05:39

Hi All,

Has anyone else ever experienced being a group b strep carrier that then turned into full blown gbs septicaemia for mum?

My last pg was 6 years ago. I found out at 36ish weeks i was +ve, no worries, just advised anti's during labour as standard. Unfortunately however over the last week of my pregnancy i developed a high temp and became very ill. I was in and out of hosp, they thought i might have a urine infection, i was very much poo-pooed and felt like i was making a fuss. I would be given oral antib's and sent home... it would improve slightly for 12-24hrs or so and then be back with a vengeance.

My dh rushed me to hospital in the middle of the night when my temp spiked to 41c and despite paracetamol wasn't budging. I was in a complete state by that point- shivering, shaking, barely able to stand up, confused, freezing, i have never felt so ill in my life.

At the hospital they decided I needed iv antibiotics to get things under control, not knowing what the infection was. They took blood for a blood culture, results would take 24hrs+.

As baby was in distress they decided to induce me. I ended up with the works. Oxytocin drip, along with fluids and iv anti b's throughout labour.

He was born in distress not breathing. He was whisked to SCBU where he was given IV anti b too. I was taken off drip and taken down to the postnatal ward.

My temp kept coming back, no where near as bad, around 38.5c iirc and i was given paracetamol overnight. The next day I was told blood culture had come back and i had gbs septicaemia. I would have to stay in hospital for 7 days on iv antibiotics. I really didn't like the dr i saw at that point as she got very huffy with me when i was reluctant to have an internal with speculum (about 18hours post birth- was still in agony) and then told her to stop as was too painful. When questioned she huffily told me that i probably got a small tear during delivery and that was how the infection took hold. Being so ill and not with it (and very tearful and tired!) i didn't really question it, it was only after i thought that doesn't make sense as blood culture was done on admission and clearly this had been brewing for a few days.

I was allowed home at 7 days and baby and i were fine. I just wanted to get out of there and enjoy my baby.

Anyway i am now 10+2 with DC3. Starting to panic about gbs status and how it will be managed this time, plus actually how i think it was rather poorly managed last time.

I have spoken to mw at booking and was a bit brushed off. Said would be tested and probably given IV again, and was keen to point out that the rules had changed and i could just go to mw led centre (no way, i wouldn't feel at all safe). However, as silly as this sounds being pg again has brought it all up and actually i want to go through exactly what happened and be sure that my consultant/whoever is in charge on the day knows exactly what happened before etc and is prepared.

So when i next see mw at 16 w, how is the best way to go about it? I felt brushed off when i raised it with her before (i am not keen on her at all actually and v much felt as if i was making a fuss when really i wanted to shake her and tell her i nearly died). Can i say, actually i want a consultant appointment as i need to discuss with him exactly what happened and work out how it is not going to happen again and what the plan will be if it does? What if she refuses?

Thank you

Haggisfish Tue 17-Nov-15 22:10:16

Ask to be referred to consultant-if she refuses, phone local hospital and ask to speak to head midwife-can't remember what their official tutor is, I think it may be sister of midwifery or something.

LumpySpaceCow Tue 17-Nov-15 22:21:47

I think you need a debrief. Ring hospital and arrange appointment with supervisor of midwives. I have found them to be brilliant and liaise well with the consultants x

BakingBunty Wed 18-Nov-15 07:27:15

Agree you should push for a birth debrief, but this doesn't have to be with a consultant. Ask for your notes to be raised and to go through them in detail with a doctor. I found it massively helpful - I had sepsis due to waters leaking (was told I'd wet myself) and I couldn't remember much of what happened in labour as was a bit delirious due to high temp. Please try not to worry, they will keep an eye on your status. All the best to you.

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