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Boy/ girl nubs and skull!

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Emmy11 Mon 16-Nov-15 11:11:48

Hi . Had my 12 week scan last week & wondered ( just for fun) if anyone was good at the nib or skull gender theory!???.. Guesses please !! I've got 2 different pics ??

Emmy11 Mon 16-Nov-15 14:07:52

Anybody guessing .. I can't make my mind up ??

Everythinggettingbigger Mon 16-Nov-15 14:22:32

sorry I don't know the nub theory, have a read up on Ramzi Theory, by that I would say girl. Very cute pics though Congratulations!!

Emmy11 Mon 16-Nov-15 18:18:48

Thanku smile yes I've read that theory to buy still can't make mind up smile .. Scan not till 2nd Jan! Too impatient!

LouLou030783 Mon 16-Nov-15 18:38:19

What's the skull nub theory

RoTo72 Mon 16-Nov-15 18:50:21

From my v limited knowledge on nib looked like a girl on first pic. I never heard od nub theory until I joined mn so def no expert

Dogsmom Mon 16-Nov-15 19:10:50

I'm rubbish with nubs but from the forehead I'd say girl, both my girls had very round heads like yours.

Emmy11 Mon 16-Nov-15 19:16:13

Thanks guys! smile

mrspuddleduckie Mon 16-Nov-15 19:17:08

I would put money on that being a girl

Emmy11 Mon 16-Nov-15 19:37:45


Qwertybynature Mon 16-Nov-15 19:44:14

My dc had a very rounded skull on the scan picture - very much like yours OP, and I convinced myself it was a girl as we didn't find out. So did the one which is due in Mar. Both boys (found out this time round)!

Emmy11 Mon 16-Nov-15 19:53:36

Yes I'm keeping a open mind, just interested to see what people think. You can see the nub too but it's hard to tell I think as baby isn't lying flat

NotAQueef Mon 16-Nov-15 19:55:48

I can't see the nub buy going by skull I think girl

Emmy11 Tue 17-Nov-15 11:13:06

Thank you smile

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