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22 weeks pregnant and aches and pains

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Gingerlady123 Sun 15-Nov-15 13:41:26

22+1 here and when stretching and moving I have been having pain in my right side. Not my abdomen but my right side. It also hurts their when urinating but not every time. Anyone had this?

jusdepamplemousse Sun 15-Nov-15 14:29:22

Yes. I'm 24 weeks and have had very noticeable and at times very uncomfortable abdominal pains. Assumed it was normal but I've been surprised by the intensity! Mine sort of radiates everywhere in my abdomen but definitely radiates out from the right. I read that round ligament pain is often more noticeable on right side but I don't know why this is. Anyway from asking friends and reading up I've decided it's normal unless it gets to the point where functioning is impossible. The joys! And just another trimester and a bit to go confusedgrin

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