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Bouncy chair or baby bean bag

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Notrobusta Sat 14-Nov-15 20:19:33

Just wondering what people would advise buying for baby. Looking at either a boucy chair that reclines back or a baby bean bag. I'm thinking of something for baby to nap on in the day when we are downstairs or somewhere safe I can lay them when cooking etc. Any advice would be great.

Bumpingalong84 Sat 14-Nov-15 21:25:57

I've got this bouncer

My baby is nearly 3wks old, she looks so comfy in it, she naps in it and I have it in the kitchen with me when cooking, it's easy to move around and light weight. Looks really well made. I wanted something really durable and comfortable that wasn't too garish.

urterriblemuriel Sat 14-Nov-15 21:26:40

Both!! Sorry, not much help but useful to have them in different rooms so you can put baby down when you need to do something rather than picking it up and moving it as well. If cost is an issue, you can often pick them up second hand on FB selling sites, NCT 2nd hand sales etc

I loved my baby beanbag, but a bouncer was useful too for when they are a little bit older.

Needaninsight Sat 14-Nov-15 21:27:32

We had the baby bjorn rocker - amazing. Lasted through 2 kids, youngest at 1 still sits in it. They're not cheap new, but second hand you can pick one up for about £30.

I like the fact it's not 'all singing all dancing' and garish plastic.

JellyBaby26 Sun 15-Nov-15 07:28:53


DD has more chairs in the house than we do grin

bittapitta Sun 15-Nov-15 07:32:06

Bouncy chair as most babies like being held more upright after feeds, not lying down

sillyoldfool Sun 15-Nov-15 07:34:57

Bouncy chair. We had very very little baby stuff, but I wouldn't have been without a bouncy chair. The bjorn one mentioned earlier is vvvv good.

PennyHasNoSurname Sun 15-Nov-15 07:37:39

Dd loved her bouncy chair - wr just went for a cheapy from Mothercare and used it with DS too.

However with DS we also got a 3-in-1 Napper which was amazing. Seriously. Perfect for daytime sleeps, rocked, vibrated, sat up, had a mobile hung above it.

A. Mazing.

CalypsoLilt Mon 16-Nov-15 03:44:48

The babies in my family love to be rocked so these are invaluable (can get second hand around £15)

Bright Starts Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

bonzo77 Mon 16-Nov-15 04:43:29

Bean bags are a suffocation risk. Don't.

I've had 3 babies. All were in bouncers a lot till they sat independently. Useful to have 2 if you have an upstairs. And I like the garish plasticky ones: great entertainment for them.

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