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Putting off testing :(

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Staceyaa Fri 13-Nov-15 07:42:11

Hi everyone, I wrote on here before I was due on because for like 14 days before my period was due I felt different, my boobs was sore and felt fuller, I was cramping, I did a test 3 days before period was due and that was negative, I am now 7 days late and no sign of period, the cramping has stopped so now all I have is sore boobs, I keep putting off testing sad because I think it will come back negative again sad

Champagneformyrealfriends Fri 13-Nov-15 07:47:20

Putting it off won't change the result! I really hope you get your BFP flowers sending hugs xx

5hell Fri 13-Nov-15 07:57:20

well it sounds promising...test! and if it's negative test again in a few more days smile
good luck!

Frankie2015 Fri 13-Nov-15 08:08:16

I was the same I took a test because I had really sore boobs and was late but the first I did was negative and thought that was that but took the test again a week later and it was positive!! Im now 35 weeks pregnant so don't give up hope!

Good luck, have my fingers crossed for you!!!

Staceyaa Fri 13-Nov-15 08:14:32

Thankyou everyone, I suppose your rite, what ever the results say I can't change it, I will test in the morning X

Inwaiting Sat 14-Nov-15 11:23:00

how did you get on staceyaa?

Staceyaa Sat 14-Nov-15 19:51:50

The same day about 2 hours later I started the dreaded period sad

RoTo72 Sat 14-Nov-15 21:34:14

Awk. Xxx.

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