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One week overdue - aaargh!!

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WannabeLaraCroft Wed 11-Nov-15 10:07:50

Ugh I'm so fed up.

This is my 2nd child. DS was born 8 days past due date, he's now 5. Although he was 8 days over, the pains and contractions started on 6th day over, iyswim.

I'm now 7 days overdue with DD and I've not felt one bloody twinge. Ok there was a twinge but it ended up being wind blush. Why won't she come out? I know I'm not the first woman to go through this, nor will I be the last, but I'm so bloody depressed and frustrated about the situation. I'll be getting induced on Monday if nothing else happens.

I've had 4 friends recently have babies and every single one of them was born BEFORE their due date! I guess I'm just annoyed that I was getting my hopes up - everyone said since I was late with my first I'd be on time/early with the second, labour would be quicker etc.

I honestly feel like I'll be pregnant forever.

Just having a rant I guess, but hoping I'm not alone here! Anyone else suffering?

purpleisfab Wed 11-Nov-15 11:18:15

Not much help but both my girls were late. DD1 was induced at +9 days, born +10. DD2 I was induced+12 and she came a few hours later.
Our babies just need a bit of extra cooking time...don't forget that a due date is a guestimate.
I knew I would go the full 12 days over with DD2, once I had it in my mind I wasn't then fed up. It was easier as I wasn't constantly wondering if I was about to go into labour...I just got on with my last few days with DD1 on her own.
My antenatal pilates class laughed every week I came in as it got to the point that everyone else with similar due dates had all had their babies. I was the walking advert for 'some babies come late'. Some of the first time mums thought once they reached 37 weeks that was was sobering to see that they can be pregnant another 5 weeks.
Best of luck with your last few days. I hope your labour and birth both go smoothly. Just think of the positives, such as holding your new baby on the other side of it all. It might feel like the days are dragging at the moment but you have DS1 to occupy your time (or you could repack your hospital bag for another time ;-) ) xx

WannabeLaraCroft Wed 11-Nov-15 18:40:25

Thank you purpleisfab.

I honestly wouldn't be so bothered, but I have spd so can't walk far, and I have itchy feet and bump which is keeping me awake most nights. I've had tests and liver is fine, it's just one of those things I'm told! I have huge swollen feet and hands too - the joys!

My DH started his 3 week paternity leave on Sunday past, so if baby is really late, he might only half a week and a half left til he's back to work! Bah, I'm just in a mood!

But you're right, once she's born and I have her in my arms my misery will (hopefully) be forgotten about!

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