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Dizzy while on my back but its only 11 weeks

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nehagarg Tue 10-Nov-15 16:50:38

Hello people who know a lot more than I do smile

I have been feeling dizzy if I lie on my back but I am only 11 weeks. I didnt think this was supposed to start until well into the second trimester. Had nausea off and on but it stopped at 10 weeks and havent had any since so I dont think this is related

But feeling dizzy while on my back, this early. Is this normal? Already have a bit of a bump, which surprises me too since this is my first. Keep telling myself its bloat.

Sezramum Tue 10-Nov-15 19:06:15

Hi smile

I had this as well around the same time. I would feel like my head was spinning when I lay down or sat down. I wondered if it was related to my iron levels but it seemed to pass after a couple of weeks.

I would just keep an eye on it and if you are worried ask your MW.

Bloating is quite normal. I feel like I have been showing for ages but I know a lot of it was my extra calories and bloating. Everyone is different though and will show differently, so your body will do its own thing. Can you feel the bump when you are lying down? This would normally happen around 15/16 weeks. You will be able to feel the top of your bump just above your pelvis level.

nehagarg Tue 10-Nov-15 20:32:53

Thanks Sezramum. Glad to know it isnt just me. I am jus eondering since I am only 11 weeks and have almost blacked out once already because my BP dipped. Thankfully had something to grab a jold of so didnt fall.

Cant feel the bump yet. So yep, its probably just bloat. I have to keep eating because every time I gey hungry, my BP dips and I get dizzy. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Thanks for sharing. Puts my mind at ease. I'll check in with midwife if it doesnt go away in a few days.

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