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Nub Theory

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Sally1108 Tue 10-Nov-15 12:47:55

We went for a 16+4 week private scan on Saturday and had decided we didn't want to find out what we were having. Since then we have changed and now the thought of waiting another 4 weeks till next scan is going to drive me loopy. I have read there is a nub theory but cant see any nub on our pictures? any thoughts ladies? x

Sally1108 Tue 10-Nov-15 12:48:30

and some more

Everythinggettingbigger Tue 10-Nov-15 13:55:59

I don't know nub theory myself but my friend told me about Ramzi gender theory. If on your 12 week scan the baby and placenta seem to be touching the left side its a boy but if its touching the right side its a girl. I'm not usually a believer in things like this but I had a look through all the scan pics I could find of nieces, nephews and friends children and they are all right, they all fit in to this theory.

Iammad Tue 10-Nov-15 19:27:14

No nub after around 14 weeks so to late for that.
Lovely pics though.

sepa Tue 10-Nov-15 19:48:46

My guess would be girl. I have no basis for this guess though!

NoArmaniNoPunani Wed 11-Nov-15 17:27:47

At 16+4 the person doing the scan would be able to tell, even if they didn't tell you. You could try calling the clinic to ask. It's too late for a nub by then.

Molliemaisie Tue 17-Nov-15 13:56:06

Hi would u guess if mine is a girl or boy ?

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