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Spotting 2 weeks after period finished? What could this be?

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Mummysboy2014 Mon 09-Nov-15 18:03:43

Hi I'm 26c My last day of period was 26th October. My periods are normally regular between 28-29 day cycle. Normally on for 3-4 days.

Today slight spotting in knickers, now it's only when I wipe quite a bright colour.

Just wondering if anybody has any ideas on what this could be

Thanks smile

Oysterbabe Mon 09-Nov-15 19:02:15

Well you've posted in pregnancy so I suspect you have a clue wink
It could be implantation bleeding or just an early start to your period. Wait a couple of days then do a test.

Mummysboy2014 Mon 09-Nov-15 19:14:26

Lolsmile thanks

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