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pinkish spotting @ 20wks

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hellsdells82 Mon 09-Nov-15 00:17:57

Ok..firstly hello to all,ive been here a while but lurking in the background. Im the one that searches for the answers but never asks the questions...till now.

So im 20 wks now and have previously had a mmc @ 9wks and a stillborn @39wks at the end of april this year. Yes we got lrwg quickly without really trying but had a void to fill and was happy with the news.
when i found out i was pregnant i was firstly admitted to hospital as i had pains. I had no idea it was a pregnancy till then as i had bleeding the week prior to hospital which i presumed was a period and my body regulating itself after a full term preg.
They did a cwrvical test amd found aome pinkish blood on my cervix and said it could be ectopic with my pain and that my cervix was "vascular". I had a scan that showed i was 6+4 and baby was viable with a good heartbeat.
Since then ive had intermittant spotting,on and off until 15wks.mainly after a bm as ive been constipated. Its never been much and has always stopped straight away.
Yesterday we did a family party for bonfire night so moved around alot more than usual and today ive been the loo,another bm (tmi) and had a heavier pinkish spotting that has got lighter throughout the day but stayed. I just want to know if anyone else has had this as i cant find much on spotting at 20wks and what was the cause. Obviousley im more worried now aftwr previous problems but could this be down to my "vascular" cervix? Ive got my 20wk scan and consultant app on tuesday and know they wot get me in the scan any sooner as its always quite full. Can anyone give me any tips to help keep my mind at ease till then. Stressed aint the word right now.
Thanks guys xx

bluewisteria Mon 09-Nov-15 00:48:38

I would call the midwives and talk to them.
I'm sure everything is ok but you should seek professional help at this stage esp with past history.

Newlywed123 Mon 09-Nov-15 11:09:41

I would definitely get checked out, I had this at 23 weeks. Midwives kept shrugging me off and didn't want to see me. By the time I got in I was 10cm without knowing. Baby passed away just before birth. I've had spotting in my last pregnancy too and that was due to cervical changes and was had to have an emergency stitch. And I've had spotting in this Pregnancy but it was nothing bad smile

It could be anything, but is usually nothing major. Make sure you put your mind at rest flowers

hellsdells82 Mon 09-Nov-15 12:59:18

Thanks for replies.
Ive rang up and been told to go as normal to my app tomorrow,as its with consultant and im under her as high risk anyway. They told as long as its not bright red i should be ok but i need ro do absolutely nothing till ive been seen. If it changes for the worse to go straight up.
The spotting has stemmed off and is more like (tmi sorry) little bitty stuff now,like the "dregs" are coming out in a very small not wot mentioning amount. I did have a nice soak in the bath and had a few brown bits so can only presume its stopped now.
I think this is the hardest thing ive done for my mental health, its bad enough anyway with worry but this is crazy...ive never been so on edge over something. Will let you know how i get on tomorrow.
I think i can feel little "boops" of movement from little taps so ive got some comfort in those.
Thanks again guys x

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