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Prams- silver cross pioneer or wayfarer??

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Frankie72 Sat 07-Nov-15 17:36:35

Originally wanted to get the silver cross pioneer black hood etc and were set but saw in mothercare today a limited edition rather cool wayfarer set! Now stuck?!

Any one got either and can shed some light?? The only real difference is the wheels and basket size tbh but will the wheels annoy me? We aren't particularly off roaders but will the wayfarer cope with the occasional muddy track??

Thanks in advance!

BexusSugarush Sat 07-Nov-15 17:57:36

We had originally planned to get the Wayfarer but after reading many reviews and trying it in store, the wheels just seemed useless. Went for the iCandy Peach 3 in the end. But you never know, the Wayfarer may have been fine.

Snappingcrayons Sat 07-Nov-15 18:49:39

I have the limited edition safari wayfarer and I love it! Gets loads of compliments too.

Frankie72 Sat 07-Nov-15 19:05:07

That's the one we saw! How does it cope with curbs and like a nice walk around a park on grass and things??

Snappingcrayons Sat 07-Nov-15 19:23:56

I've only off-roaded with it once (by accident in the park, went down a lane that turned into a muddy, bumpy dirt track). It coped ok-ish, though I wouldn't do it on purpose. If the front wheels aren't locked forward (my husband says this is an option) then hitting bumps/ low curbs without lifting, when the front wheels are at the wrong angle will make it stop abruptly. That's standard for most prams though. Otherwise it's great, but not really for intentionally off roading

MummaGiles Sat 07-Nov-15 19:28:28

We've been using the wayfarer for 9 months and love it. Take it 'middle class off roading' at national trust places / in the park and it copes fine. I would really recommend it, I've been really happy with it and I know it has been updated since we bought it too.

Frankie72 Sat 07-Nov-15 19:58:59

Middle class off roading definitely sums it up haha!! Love it :-) thanks guys this has been really useful :-)

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