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I HATE the clearblue conception indicator !!!!

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chestylaroo Sat 07-Nov-15 07:30:43

I'm a serial peeonasticker since my miscarriage last year. I had a successful pregnancy after with the help of clomid and progesterone. I've since had a shock pregnancy with a 15 week old baby... My problem is that I'm still getting 2-3 when I should be 5 +4 weeks so ideal should be in that 3+ hcg bracket... I was with my successful pregnancy but a 1-2 with my miscarriage. Driving myself mad here !!! I've booked a scan for Monday I'm so paranoid and convinced I need the cyclogest to maintain a healthy pregnancy !... Has anyone else had successful pregnancies with the indicator being wrong ?????

Givinguph0pe Sat 07-Nov-15 08:40:50

Yes. Mine never moved to 3+ and I'm 28 weeks now.
I was distraught. I ended up going to the GP and having hcg blood tests as I was certain I was going to miscarry. The level was 46,000 and the bloody clear blue was still saying 2-3 weeks. Apparently after 20,000 it should click over to 3+.
If you google loads of people have found the same. They are awful and should be banned. I was beside myself. I've not miscarried previously but this baby took three and a half years to conceive and we'd given up so couldn't quite believe it. I'm still convinced it won't happen even now!
Good luck, try not to worry too much - the dating bit really isn't that accurate.

chestylaroo Sun 08-Nov-15 03:33:30

Thank you so much for your reply !... I had got myself into a mess over thinking that the 3+ was for 2000 miu and not 20,000 until I started googling just as you suggested. There is so much false information out there about it so I feel much better now smile

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