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swelling in early fourth pregnancy

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littleraysofsunshine Fri 06-Nov-15 14:55:48

Down there blush it is so uncomfortable and going to toilet is near impossible. It's the swelling of the varicose veins I believe. I had it in my third pregnancy in the late stages but this time it started early stages and I'm only 18 weeks.

It sounds awful but I feel like my vagina going to fall out when I go to toilet!

I'm 26 and this is my fourth pregnancy in five years so a lot of pressure on my body!

MaisieDotes Fri 06-Nov-15 17:04:36

I'm pregnant with my third baby and I have this. I'm 28 weeks now but it started at about 18 or 20 weeks. I'm 39.

I went to my gp at 24 weeks about it as I reckoned I had a prolapse. She said everything is really swollen and it's hard to tell what's what but its just going to be part of the pregnancy and she'll assess me after.

I didn't have this in either of my previous pregnancies but DS is only 14 months and I had a long back to back labour with him and I think that weakened my vaginal muscles a lot.

I've been doing loads of pelvic floor excercises but I don't think they help much. It's the actual walls of my vagina that are affected.

I feel for you, it's a rubbish thing to have on top of being pregnant and having other DC to care for!

littleraysofsunshine Tue 10-Nov-15 20:35:59

I questioned this with my midwife and gp and physio and they said it could happen but doesn't sound like a prolapse. That's the worry I have is I feel like it's just so swollen all the time especially after standing lots after a long day, even having a wee or poo... And after intercourse which hardly happens as in uncomfortable.

It's a small price in a way I know but I also want to be a healthy mamma and recover well.. I don't see this happening yet. I also have bad diastasis recti...

Thanks for the reply x

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