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Is this it for the last 9 weeks.... zzz zzz

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fairyfeatures Fri 06-Nov-15 09:29:01

I was very lucky to have the second trimester energy burst (since week 18) and glow and for the first time actually LOVED pregnancy!

I've hit 31 weeks, or to be more apt, 31 weeks has hit me like a tonne of bricks! I yawn my way through the days, nod off through the evenings and have to peel myself out of bed in the mornings...

Go on, tell me it's a one off, I've had a busy week and i'll be fine again next week....

MaisieDotes Fri 06-Nov-15 09:31:08

I'm the same and I'm only 28 weeks! It started about 2 weeks ago <yawn>

Although I did find taking extra iron for a few days helped a bit. I must stock up on Spatone.

welshHairs Fri 06-Nov-15 09:36:14

I was like that for the majority of my pregnancy! At the very end I had the extreme tiredness alongside insomnia. Dd is 15 months old and I've still not caught up so if you're able to sleep make the most of it!

welshHairs Fri 06-Nov-15 09:37:09

Also congrats on your pregnancy both!

MaisieDotes Fri 06-Nov-15 09:39:04

Thanks welsh ! smile

I have 14mo DS too which probably isn't helping!

fairyfeatures Fri 06-Nov-15 09:56:51

Thanks welsh

I do love the sleep, if only it could be uninterrupted by baby kicks and wee breaks! haha

fairyfeatures Fri 06-Nov-15 10:23:28

Hmmm, might get some iron tablets Maisie - I haven't had any calls since my 28 week blood tests, so assume all is well and not particularly low in iron but I guess they cant hurt!

MaisieDotes Fri 06-Nov-15 10:30:55

I've not been diagnosed as having low iron either, fairy but I find it does help my energy levels. It also helps the restless legs I tend to get.

Iron tablets are too much for me on top of my pregnancy vits (constipation hmm ) but the Spatone sachets are fine as I think they're easier to absorb and not a massive dose.

I take it with orange juice as apparently vitamin C helps absorbtion. And avoid tea around the same time as the tannins in tea inhibit the absorbtion apparently.

fairyfeatures Fri 06-Nov-15 10:33:37

Wow, thank you - adding spatone to my Friday night shopping list!

tinyme135 Fri 06-Nov-15 23:46:25

I'm 30+5 and I can't keep my eyes open. everything at work seems to be too much for me. I'm normally a morning person but I never want to get out what would normally take me 25 mins max to walk to work is now taking me an extra 10 mins. I'm waiting to back to my old self again I miss it.

BexusSugarush Sat 07-Nov-15 10:07:48

Haha I love how relatable this post is. I fought the tiredness for so long, but now at 32 weeks I just don't fight it anymore; I halved my working days and come straight home to nap. Also, alot of mums have told me that we sleep best between the hours of 8pm and 1am. After that it's just restlessness and peeing constantly. Maybe try getting an early night and seeing how those hours work for you? It's okay, we only have another 2 months of this ;)

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