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Feeling miserable

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Amelliasmum1 Fri 06-Nov-15 09:17:01

I'm 40 weeks pregnant & I know that it's normal at this stage to be feeling fed up and sore but Iv felt miserable for the most part of my pregnancy and the past 2 weeks my anxiety level has hit the roof.

I feel like such a bad person because I know there are woman who would kill to be in my position and be carrying a healthy baby but I just can't shake feeling how I do. I hate every single part of pregnancy and myself I can't bare my stretch marks or bump and Even tho I think I love my baby and I know I'll be fine when they are here it's not making this any easier.

I had a sweep yesterday & thought thank goodness it's almost time for this to be over for the midwife to tell me my cervix is solid and booked me for an induction in 12 days time. I don't think I can wait that long having another night of crying and wanting to run away what can I do? Is this normal?

mummatobe1 Fri 06-Nov-15 10:09:04

I can tell you now your not alone!! Pregnancy hormones sometimes won't let you see the good in anything.
Most woman don't want to talk about the bad stuff and only talk about how much they love being pregnant...I doubt all woman LOVE being pregnant. We all love the thought of our baby but the journey is hard!
I'm 35 weeks and seriously feels like an emotional roller coaster
I find doing exersizing help heaps!! It gets endorphins going. I was making dinner tonight and found myself crying! My partner got the tennis rackets out and we went to the courts and felt alot better!
Give yourself tasks to complete and even keeping a journal is so helpful by the end of writing about how your feeling you can start writing out ways to solve it and focus on that smile
pregnancy is tough REALLY TOUGH don't think it's not normal because that will only make you feel worse ! Your nearly there and trust me some endorphins and energy will bring on labour!

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