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I am freaking out!!

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PowSuperDog Thu 05-Nov-15 10:56:54

Got a BFP this morning - last had positive ovulation test and DTD on Friday 23rd Oct.
I'm in shock - it was a clear line: nowhere near as clear as the control line but still very much there - DH saw it too.
Bloody hell!! We've been TTC (sort of) for 2 cycles so very happy but also terrified!!
We're moving house twice in the next two months and now I'm freaking out about doctors appointments and not being registered!! Someone calm me down please and tell me what to do next!
(In case you couldn't tell, it's my first ever BFP) grin

KatyN Thu 05-Nov-15 11:42:01

You probably wonmt see a mw until 10/11 weeks so will you be in your final move by then?? It might be worth ringing your final gp to see the relationship with the mw unit before then.
At least you will get out if all the box lifting etc!!

PowSuperDog Thu 05-Nov-15 12:03:28

Hi Katy - I hadn't thought of that - bonus!
I've spoken to GP who thinks I can register as temporary so I can see MW if needed before we're in our house properly - it's a new build so they can't give us a proper date yet sad
Just a bit spaced out at the minute and trying to fight the urge to get really really excited...

KatyN Thu 05-Nov-15 22:06:29

Stuff that, get excited!! Just accept that the nhs won't be as excited for a while!

Congratulations k

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