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TMI alert! Spotting and discharge, how lovely!

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NorthernStep Tue 03-Nov-15 20:01:31

Please bear with me through this tale, I go on a little...

So I'm currently 15 + 5 and since the start of the pregnancy have had bleeding at 6 weeks, which got me a scan at the local EPU, spotting at 10 weeks and before that the discovery that if I strain when on the toilet that also causes spotting! Oh and also after orgasm! Great! Started spotting again last week and the EPU said to monitor it and if it settled down then it was just 'one of those things', which it did.

I should also point out that I was on antibiotics for a tooth infection, which brought thrush on and more discharge (really dislike that word!). Since the last bout of spotting the discharge has been quite heavy and a variety of creams/light browns and today, blood tinged. Thing is this seems different than spotting in that the blood tinged discharge looks more vaginal than cervical if that makes any sense.

I rang the EPU again but it was out of hours so I was told to ring back tomorrow for more specific advice other than to wear a liner and monitor it, which I've been doing for a couple of days anyway for the discharge. I've no cramping or pain, get the odd twinge here and there that I'm gonna presume is things stretching and moving.

I'm hoping (!) it's an infection that is causing the amount and colour of the discharge but was wondering if any ladies have had these symptoms, have had an infection and could tell me if this sounds familiar or been a serial spotter through their pregnancy.

The spotting wouldn't bother me if there was a reason why, it's the not knowing me that is doing my head in!

Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated smile Ta!

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