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Just need someone to hear me out

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alisa1989 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:37:25

Hello everyone. Im so glad I found this site to talk to people who understand me. I am pregnant with baby number three, after two previous miscarriages. In 2013 i miscarried at 4 weeks in march then had a tubal pregnancy in november. So i am currently freaking out that I am pregnant again. I went to the doctor because i missed my period and come to find out after blood work and urine sample I am 6 weeks pregnant. my hcg was 800 and i went back in two days and it is now 2700. But I am still full of emotions. Im scared honestly. I dont even pregnancy symptoms except sore breasts here and there and frequent trips to use the bathroom but thats about all. is this normal at 6-7 weeks? Everyday i worry that i will miscarry again and i havent shared the news because i dont know what will happen. The father doesnt even know.... I got to the doctor again in 5 days but im worried about having little to any symptoms....

mummyneedinganswers Mon 02-Nov-15 22:43:30


I've had 4 miscarriages and now 36 weeks pregnant. At the start of this pregnancy I was the same thought of lose another. I was meant to be 7 weeks by lmp but found out I ovulated late and was only 4 I had a cyst rupture in ovaries between 4-5weeks and was told baby might not survive. They dine my hcg to find it was only 270 another hcg test was done a few days later and it's had only risen to 450 the Dr told me I was certain to miscarry. They were wrong and here I am at 36 weeks and my baby survived. I had hyperemesis which was shit. But some women don't have symptoms and I know it's a worry but u have to stay positive. Have u asked for a referral to your epau for an early scan ?

WiIdfire Mon 02-Nov-15 22:43:35

I had more symptoms during my failing pregnancy than my healthy one, so you really cant read anything into it. Would a successful pregnancy be good news for you? You dont say. (Obviously I don't mean that you would want another miscarriage, just that It isnt clear if you are dealing with the emotions of a wanted or unwanted pregnancy on top of everything else).
I believe a doubling HCG is a good thing, but there's not much else to do except wait, and take your vitamins. Keep posting here as there will be others with more eloquent advice than me.

WiIdfire Mon 02-Nov-15 22:45:14

Oh yes, and you should have an early scan (~8 weeks) after a previous tubal pregnancy, to check the location.

DPotter Mon 02-Nov-15 22:49:59

Everyone varies with the level of symptoms - some have none at all at 6-7 weeks, others are feeling badly nauseated and have very sore breasts - so I would say you're pretty much average. I know there's a section of mums who share the news they are pregnant the minute they've peed on the stick, but it is more usual for people to hang on and only tell people after the 12 week mark when things can be a bit more certain. So don't worry about not telling everyone.

I know me saying 'don't worry' isn't going to help and you can feel so helpless about what is happening so can I suggest you focus on what you can do; For example are you taking your folic acid, have you reduced stopped smoking / drinking, are you following the latest dietary advice (it changes year on year so I daren't guess what it is now). As you're feeling anxious, can you try some relaxation breathing exercises for example.
I wish you all the best

alisa1989 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:52:37

Thanks for responding ladies. I already got a scan and the baby is sitting there clear as day in the right position. Im just worried because the previous miscarriages i guess and the lack of symptoms scared me a bit. And i was told i couldnt have a baby with one tube and here we are lol. And yes I really want this pregnancy to be successful i pray everyday for this.

alisa1989 Mon 02-Nov-15 22:54:32

thank you DPotter. I am following all nutrition guidelines and I have never smoked or anything before. I will try the breathing exercises because i do sometimes get overwhelmed. I agree I think I will wait until the 12 week mark

DPotter Mon 02-Nov-15 23:13:34

Pleased you've been scanned already - that's re-assuring for you.
It is worrying, although it does get a little better the further on your pregnancy progresses.

brookeberry Tue 03-Nov-15 13:57:35

Hi ailsa I've had 3 mcs and am now happily 16 weeks pregnant. The worry is so completely normal I'm afraid. Early scans really do help to keep you sane. I had scans at 8wks, than 10wks before my 12wk scan. Each scan gets you through.

As you can see here, having mcs doesn't mean that you can't have a perfectly healthy pregnancy. So congratulations and MN is great for the reassurance you may need as your pregnancy progresses. smile

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