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Should I be worried about having another bug while pregnant?

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BettyBi0 Sun 01-Nov-15 12:10:08

I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my second so you'd think I'd have the hang of this by now but I'm feeling poorly and tired so I'm relying on MN for some common sense.

I've had what feels like a crappy virus for about 5 days now; exhausted, banging headache, really sore achey bones and on/off fever. I've been a tiny bit sniffy but not even got a proper cold/cough. I think my DD has the same thing as she has been sick for a week with a stinking cold and fevers.

Should I be worried and getting checked out by my midwife or will she just tell me to get a grip?

bluewisteria Sun 01-Nov-15 19:22:36

I'm not sure there is much they can do really...

I had this at 17 weeks and gp gave me codeine which really helped headache and aches.

Lots of fluids/honey/sleep if you can. Hope you feel better soon flowers

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