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Anyone have a Bebecar Hip-Hop pram?

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sepa Sat 31-Oct-15 21:13:57

Hi Ladies, i have found a pram today which i love, but can not find reviews of the pram anywhere.

Really i have 2 questions about the pram...

1. Does anyone have this pram or even just a Bebecar pram?

2. It is £800 for the carry cot, pram seat, car seat, foot muff, rain cover and changing bag (would have to still buy an isofix base for the car). Is this a good price?

Here is a link to the pram online but this isnt where i will be getting it from if i buy it (providing that i have done the link right)

sepa Sun 01-Nov-15 12:19:08

Ah, mumsnet was my last hope for a review. Stuck on what to do now....

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