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Induced early?

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Cholland848 Sat 31-Oct-15 08:36:17

Hi all, a little background. I'm 39+1 today with my first, pregnancy has gone well overall where baby's development is concerned (huge boy inside me right now, estimated 8lb 12) but have been on clexaine from week 28 for precaution because of high BMI and family history of clotting, have had trouble with high BP and have been on Labetalol since week 32 which has worked this far and kept BP normal, have also suffered with PGP since 25 weeks, seems to be getting worse the further along I go... Anyway because of high BP I was put under a consultant and they had booked me in to be induced on my due date (6th November) as they didn't want to risk me ping past in case of high BP, well I was hoping little man would make an arrival before then because wouldn't we all prefer it to start naturally?? Anyway last night little bub decided to lie dormant for almost 3 hours and sent me kookoo!! I tried relaxing in bath closing my eyes and looking out for movements but nothing, so I rang Triage an they asked me in to be checked, his heartbeat was fine, my BP was slightly high but nothing to worry about, but he still wouldn't shift! After 30 mins of prodding and shorting ice water he woke up and gave us an almighty giggle!! MW told me all was fine and disappeared for 20 mins, came back with the consultant on duty and told me they have moved me to Monday to be induced!! No one consulted me or my OH first and I don't understand why it has been moved... I'm not going to argue if it is necessary but I really would prefer to go into labour naturally, would they push for being induced early unnecessarily? It's also making it difficult for me and OH as he has two young children whome we care for Sunday thru Wednesday every week an now need to find some way to get them to and from school this week and looked after, as being induced could mean days in hosp trying to get labour started, may mean I have to go in on my own and do it all solo until the very end, and as it's my first I'm petrified. So basically any advice or similar experiences would help put my mind at ease and help me figure out what to do, if there's anyone with something to say about any of this ^ thanks in advance x

Iammad Sat 31-Oct-15 11:16:39

They probably thought that he was best out then in now, your BP, and reduced movement.
I would ask to speak to the consultant on Monday, ask why they have changed it and what the implications would be to wait until Wednesday.
I had my son at exactly 38 weeks last Oct due to BP and problems with low iron (which had ironTransfusion at 32 weeks) .
He was 7lb1 and is a picture of health.

purplepingu Sat 31-Oct-15 11:23:44

I was put on Lobetalol at around 37 weeks (I think). Saw a doctor a day before my due date and was booked in for induction three days later, so no waiting until I was a long time over which I was happy about.

If it came to it again I'd be pushing for induction on my due date if they'd let me, rather than waiting to go overdue and go into labour naturally. Better out than in when BP is up and having reduced movements.

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