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Emmaljunga vs Bugaboo - anyone used both?

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KLG3101 Fri 30-Oct-15 15:46:47

Two completely different travel systems but torn between them. Anyone got experience or using the Emmaljunga in particular? I love how nest the Bugaboo cameleon is abd easy to fold/push.

Many thanks

KLG3101 Fri 30-Oct-15 15:49:42

Apologies predictive text errors!

KatharinaRosalie Fri 30-Oct-15 16:01:32

Emmaljunga is a very nice pram, big wheels, sturdy and padded, and very popular in Northern Europe. If I still lived there, would have definitely bought one, as nothing goes through snow and mud like an Emmaljunga. However, it is quite bulky and heavy. Friends who have one, say that this is the only pram their fussy son would accept, screamed bloody murder in anything else.

in the end I got a Bugaboo though, as it's light and very easy to manoeuvre, but still good enough for off road walks.

Skiptonlass Fri 30-Oct-15 16:01:44

Never had a bugaboo - those tiny front wheels wouldn't cope with the snow where I live!

But I do have an emmaljunga and it's great.

Depends what you want it for really - the emmaljunga is great if you don't need to collapse it often. It's great for cold weather and long walks or long days out. It's not light and it's bulky. But, it is a great pram in terms of comfort and it's solid but very manoeuvrable.

We will also get a lighter smaller pushchair once ds is a bit older - something that's foldable, light etc - not sure what though!

cowbag1 Fri 30-Oct-15 16:08:59

DS's GPs have an Emmaljunga for him as they are very popular Scandinavia where one of them is from. I hate the bloody thing! It's like a tank, the version with fixed front wheels is horrendous to steer (there seems to be several versions in the pic above) and you practically have to lift it round corners. They are fine in countries where they are common I guess but I cannot imagine taking it on a bus or through a busy street in the UK, it can be bad enough with our normal-sized, easily-manoeuvreable Silver Cross (the GPs won't hear a bad word against it obviously as they went to the trouble of bringing it to the UK with them, despite us saying it wasn't necessary!hmm)

Other things to mention about it: you need a very large boot if you're planning on taking it in the car as it doesn't fold down very small. It is quite cosy and comfortable for them to lie flat in but I don't think it's supportive enough when upright. It has a built in raincover and fly net which is handy but I also find the basket at the bottom a little small and difficult to access (although I'm sure some models like the ones in your pics are fine).

You seem to be comparing 2 very different styles of pushchair. I would never choose an Emmaljunga over a Bugaboo imho.

Skiptonlass Fri 30-Oct-15 17:03:25

The fixed wheel ones are tank like. We have the one with swivel front wheels and it turns on a pinhead-

I live in Sweden - you do kind of need an insulated tank for winter here smile we have the edge duo. Sil has the Viking model in a tiny flat in the city and that's very nippy.

KLG3101 Fri 30-Oct-15 18:30:41

Thank you so much for your replies, exactly what I thought re size. I think if I didn't need the car quite so often I'd look into the Emmaljunga however the bugaboo is far more practical for our needs. What a beautiful pram the Ennaljunga is though - envious it just doesn't make sense for us!

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