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do these pains sound like kick in the cervix? I thought my baby was head down

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Frillsandspillsx2 Fri 30-Oct-15 10:25:14

I'm 33 weeks today, and about 6 days ago (and again yesterday) I had what I think were kicks / jabs possibly on my cervix, not quite sure where but it was definitely near my bladder area. They were when my baby was wriggling around but when he kicked it really really hurt (just for that second) to the point where I shouted out. I assume it's because he's getting a lot bigger now. He doesn't often kick either he's more of a wriggler so when I do get a jab I think I notice it more.

In my maternity notes, my 31 week appointment his positioning was long/cephalic but his head wasn't engaged at all and I assumed that meant he was head down, and I don't think he's changed as I can often feel feet near my ribs, so now I'm confused about the possible jabs down below, or could this have been his head pressing on something? Now I'm starting to wonder if what I thought were kicks causing a sudden sharp pain was actually round ligament pains and just things stretching?

Sorry if I'm not making much sense trying to describe it. I'm not worried, I only felt these a few times I was more just curious about what they were, I'm a bit clueless with everything!

Dixiechick17 Fri 30-Oct-15 10:32:01

Could be hands and elbows, I used to get pains like that when she caught a nerve. My DD was head down the whole time. However they can still turn up until pretty much full term.

Frillsandspillsx2 Fri 30-Oct-15 10:36:35

Thank you Dixie I didn't even think of arms or elbows - how stupid of me blush

YouMakeMyDreams Fri 30-Oct-15 10:37:56

My first two did this and it was with hindsight the second time I realised I was being punched in the cervix. I used to feel like ds1 was trying to punch his way out towards the end. Dd was my first and she actually came put with her hand at her head and slept like that for months with a wee fist at her cheek.

Frillsandspillsx2 Fri 30-Oct-15 10:48:00

YouMakeMyDreams thinking about it, it does feel like they're trying to punch their way out!
At my last scan at 28 weeks my baby refused to move his hand from his face, looking back at the 16 week scan he was the same so it wouldn't surprise me if he came out with his hands near his head either!

YouMakeMyDreams Fri 30-Oct-15 13:38:43

Haha yep that was dd. All her tiny sleeping photos for about 3 months that fist was attached firmly to her cheek and it gave the student delivering her a laugh she had never experienced a hand and a head coming together yet.

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