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Scared and unsure

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MaybeBabyOct2015 Thu 29-Oct-15 20:23:15


I'm hoping for a bit of advice as I'm feeling quite anxious.

I'm currently 5weeks pregnant and for the last week I have been experiencing intermittent stomach cramps. Most of the time the pain hasn't been too bad but at points it's severe enough that I can't think straight. I've been to the docs a couple of times and went again today. They are checking to see if I have a uti but previous tests have been negative. They felt my tummy and said all feels fine so probably just pain where ligaments are stretching etc. however, they also said that ectopic is a risk so they want to see me again on Monday.

It's too early to scan so they can't check if things are ok and I know I shouldn't worry myself but I'm scared. I really want this baby and I'm so scared something is going to go wrong. I feel so alone with it. sad

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