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Anyone Single and pregnant with 2nd child to 2nd Dad

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Mumstheone14 Thu 29-Oct-15 12:43:19

Hi Mums,
I've found myself in a confusing situation. I have a 6yr old to my ex, we were together for 4 years and separated when our child child was two. I've recently been dating a single father the past 6 months, and I decided it just wasn't working and separated. However now I'm pregnant with his child, and I do want to keep this child but I'm quite scared about being alone the next 8months, also the father of this child is very needy and just keeps trying to make me feel guilty about how hard this new baby would be for him and having to tell him family etc, he would be happier if i terminated. He frustrates me so much with his 'poor me' attitude, even though he's has the easiest life of anyone I know and still lives at home! Thinking about the next 18years having to have him in my life is stressful, does anyone have any advice to keep positive and also avoid the obvious stereotypes associated with this scenario, my son attends a school where separated family's isn't the norm, I can already see the parents gossiping if they were to find out I'm no longer with my partner and now pregnant and single....

Chloeisobelle21 Thu 29-Oct-15 22:23:26

I'm in the same boat, my toddler is 21 months and I'm currently nearly 14 weeks pregnant. It sucks to be a single parent sometimes but bugger the men and bugger the people who gossip. There will always be something to gossip about and in a few weeks time the pregnancy will be old news. Just try and enjoy your pregnancy and congrats

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