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Staying posifrickentive - Thread 7 for ladies pregnant after mc

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Metalhead Thu 29-Oct-15 09:34:32

New thread for all the lovely ladies facing the trials and tribulations of pregnancy after mc!

CottonSock Thu 29-Oct-15 09:42:34

Thanks! Marking place.

I' dreaming of a holiday in NYC, sounds amazing!

I forgot to take progesterone pessaries last night and my stomach deflated overnight. So there is cause. At this rate I will be in maternity jeans next week.

Nousername2015 Thu 29-Oct-15 10:19:27

Thanks metal smile

Marchgirl Thu 29-Oct-15 11:16:08

Marking place.

Welcome helga and congratulations. wishing you an uneventful pg

Ah, yes, i meant to say that the other day cotton. Terrible bloat from the prog. When are you taking it until?

CottonSock Thu 29-Oct-15 11:28:54

Prog Twice a day until 12 weeks with DD so probably the same. Don't remember the bloat, but I started a bit later (7+ weeks) after some spotting and trip to Epau.

Metalhead Thu 29-Oct-15 11:54:43

I was terribly bloated in the first trimester even without progesterone, so you have my sympathies cotton.

I got my date for the ELCS booked in yesterday, 2 December - just 5 weeks to go!! Also finished work yesterday and am really looking forward to some nice relaxing me time next week when DD1 is back at school.

mrsdiddlydoo Thu 29-Oct-15 12:25:41

Link to the stats sheet here

mrsdiddlydoo Thu 29-Oct-15 12:28:48

Link to the stats sheet
Link to the stats sheet here


bythesea82: 32, no DC, 3MC around 10-11 weeks, EDD 8th October 2015.
SomeSortOfDeliciousBiscuit: 30, TOP at 14 weeks due to abnormalities, 1 DS, had cancer treatment, 2MC at 4-5weeks. EDD 29 October 2015.
gr33dyeggs: 35, 1 DS (6), 2 MC 2008 & 2014, EDD of 30 October 2015.
Amyyy27: MMC October 2014, EDD 11 November 2015.
Topsy34: MC January 2015, EDD 17 November 2015.
ImnotawitchImyourwife: 1 DS, 2MC, MMC, 4MC. EDD 20 November 2015.
Rebeccaelizabethxo: No DC, MMC June 2014 at 9+3, MC in January 2015, EDD 26 November 2015.
pizzakat: 24, no DC, MMC December 2014 at 10+ 2. EDD 3rd December 2015.
Natalieday1: 28, 3 DS (11, 8 and 3) MC 1 March 2015, EDD 6th December 2015.
cherrylola: 29, DS 23 months, MMC February 2015, EDD 9 December 2015.
Metalhead: 36, 1 DD (age 5), 1 MMC in February 2014, EDD 7 December 2015.
Cariad2014: DC1, had a CP at 4+5 in June 2014 followed by a ruptured ectopic and tube removal in September 2014, EDD 16 December 2015.
mrsdiddlydoo: 34, 1DS, 2MC, EDD 17 December 2015.
HariboBrenshnio: 25, DS is 18 months, MMC at 9 weeks in October 2014, EDD 17/18 of December but probably C section around the 10th.
Fizzie100: MC February 2015, EDD 18 December 2015.
Jodiesaurus: 2 DD's, MC in January 2015, EDD 20th December 2015.
Zeuxippe: 1DD, 4 MCS, EDD 24 December 2015.
cloudjumper: 43, 1 DS (4), 3 early MCs in 2013 (3rd was trisomy 2), 2nd trimester MC in 2014 (trisomy 18). EDD 1 January 2016.
Tootle10: 31, no DC, MMC at 11 weeks March 2015, EDD 10 January 2016.
Catinajar: 30, no DC, MMC at 6 weeks (found out at 8 week scan) and surgical management in April 2015, EDD 13 Jan 2016.
brickiemum: 1DS, 1DD, 2MC, 1MMC, EDD 14 January 2016.
kep1979: 36, 2 DS' from previous marriage, MC 15 March 2015 at 6+2, EDD 19 January 2016.
Nousername2015: 29, no DC, MMC in March 2015, EDD 20 January 2016.
cs2012: 1 DS, MMC February 2015 (at 8 weeks), EDD 21 January 2016.
Melon: 0 DC, MC August 2014 at 8 weeks, EDD 21st January
TeenieDeenie: 35, no DC, 1 MC, EDD 29 January 2016.
MarysPrayer: 37, 1DD, 1 MC March 2015, EDD 31 January 2016.
Brummiegirl15: 38, TTC#1, 3 MCs, EDD 3 February 2016.
WombOfOnesOwn: 31, no DC, MC 7 weeks January 2010, MC 6 weeks January 2011. EDD 14 February 2016.
bluewisteria: 2DD's, 10 MC's in the last 7 years, all before 7.5 weeks. EDD 22 February 2016.
LazyRohazy: MMC at 12 weeks in 2004, DD in 2012, MMC at 9 weeks in March 2014, MC at 5 weeks in May 2014, EDD 24 February 2016.
BumbleBee0: 30, DS born August 2013, MMC 1 September 2014, MC January 2015, EDD 26/02/16.
dobbythedoggy: 26, DD born November 2012, MC at 5 weeks May 2015, EDD 2 March 2016.
CarrotPuff: 29, 1 DS, being TTC since July 2014, MC in January 2015 at 8 weeks. EDD 10 March 2016.
Marchgirl: 38, 1DD (3), 5 MC (Jan 14, Jul 14, Oct 14, Feb 15, Jun 15), EDD 20 March 2016
Ba8y1: MC 6 weeks 2010, DS (4) born 2011, ruptured ectopic 6 weeks July 2014, MC 6 weeks October 2014, MC 9 weeks January 2015, EDD TBC.
nicnicspicnic: 41, 3DS, 1MMC at 12 weeks, 1MC at 6weeks, EDD TBC.
mrsfazruns: 1 18 year old DS, 1 MMC in December 2015 at 9 weeks (baby didn't grow past 5), EDD TBC.
mummyofonesofar 23, 7yo DS, MMC in May 15 at 8w, baby stopped growing at 6+5. PG with twins!!! EDD 2 April 2016
MsGlitterJunkie: 30, no DC, MC1 Nov 2014 at 8 weeks MC2 Feb 2015 at 5 weeks, EDD 7 April 2016
allmychildrenhavepaws: 27, no dc's, 1 mmc April 2015 @ 10&5, 1 mc July 2015 @ 4&2, currently pregnant EDD 11 May 2016
DisneyMillie: 35, 1DD (5), MMC Apr 2015 at 9 weeks, EDD 11 May 2016.
Carrie1008: 37, no DC 2 MC MMC Jan 14 @10+5 & MC May 15 @ 7 weeks, baby stopped growing @ 5wks. I have a subseptate uterus. EDD June 26th 2016

Need updates

enviousllama: 34, 1DS (2yo), 1MMC in November 2014, EDD 4 September 2015.
CommanderShepard: 32, 1 DD via EMCS, 1 MC December 2014 at 5 weeks, EDD 14 September 2015.
worriedmum100: 39, 1 DS (nearly 4). 2 MCs around 6 weeks (June 2010 and February 2014), 1 MMC (July 2014 at 9 weeks). Also have endometriosis & Ashermans Syndrome. EDD 24 September 2015.

Thread Babies

Jessw25: Baby Oliver born 9 July 2013, 5lb 11oz.
BobaFetaCheese: Baby Alexander born 30 July 2013, 7lb 4oz.
Andadietcoke: twin girls born 29 August 2013, Charlotte 5lb 5oz & Sophie 7lb 13oz.
Pentagon: baby Elsie born 23 October 2013, 7lb 5oz.
Bodicea: baby James born 3 November 2013, 8lb.
Ibelieveinpink: baby Imogen born 14 November 2013, 7lb 4oz.
BumpKitty: baby Matilda born 18 Nov 2013, 8lb 2oz.
Luckysocks13: baby Charlotte born 24 Nov 2013, 8lb.
Jmf294: baby Alexander James born 25 Nov 2013, 7lb 4oz.
Shellsocks: baby Noah Stephen born 27 Nov 2013, 9lb 3.5oz.
Gardenworm: baby Wolfie born 1 December 2013.
Janielovesluckysocks: baby Leo Thomas born 4 Dec 2013, 7lb 5oz.
Bootyluscious: baby Sofia born 17 December 2013, 6lb 2oz.
ChocolateTeabag: baby Joss born 18 December 2013, 7lb 7oz.
Blackholes: Baby girl born 23 December 2013.
WhatwillSantabring: Baby boy born 6 January 2014, 8lbs 7oz.
pumpkinsweetie: Baby girl born 7 January 2014, 6lb 4 oz.
Christinedaae: Baby girl Sawyer born 6th Feb 2014, 9lb11.5oz.
MissMedusa: Baby Rhydian Thursday 27 Feb 2014, 1080g.
TotalShock: Baby James born 25 February 2014, 8lb 1oz.
Swangirl: Baby boy, 4 March 2014.
SaggyOldClothPussCat: Lucy Elanor born 7 March 2014, 7lb.
Pixielady83: Baby girl, 9 March 2014.
GuffSmuggler: Baby boy, 3 March 2014.
Fod: Baby Girl, 7 April 2014, 10lb 3.
TeaAndANatter: Baby Henry born 18 April 2014, 7lb 15oz.
Kjh5: Baby Logan born 19 April 2014, 3.3kg.
CbeebiesIsMyLife: Baby boy born 2 May 2014.
StarsInTheNightSky: baby Jasper, born early May 2014, 8lbs3.
Tomkat: Baby Lolly born 16 May 2014.
Bakingtins: Baby Faith born 23 May 2014, 5lb 3oz.
Penguinita: Baby Elanor born 27 May 2014, 6lb 1oz.
Emki: Baby Michael born 29 May 2014, 9lb 10oz.
Pgchimp: Baby boy born 16 June 2014.
Fishcake77: Baby boy Jack born 26 June 2014, 7lbs 14oz.
*Nerdy bird*: baby girl born 1 July 2014.
Keepingthefaith: baby girl born 2 August 2014 10 weeks early 2.5lbs.
MrsGiraffe12: baby girl born 1 Sept 2014.
OneLittleToddleTerror (now TwoLittleTerrors smile): baby girl born 14th September 2014.
Alb1: baby boy born 14 September 2014.
fedupofrainydays: baby boy born 16 September 2014.
Squizita: baby girl born 21 September 2014.
HopefulHamster: baby Serena Lorelai, born 1 October 2014, 7lb3.
Londonjen: Baby Eleanor born 6 October 2014.
CorporeSarnie: baby boy born 26 October 2014.
Cakebaker35: Baby William born prematurely at 27 weeks, 21st October - 29th October 2014, may he rest in peace.
cheesecurry86: Baby Lewis James, born 6 am, 9lb 2, 16th November 2014.
Gwlondon: baby Alexandra, born 2.40 kilos, 20th November 2014.
Cuppachaplz: baby Percy born 6 December 2014, 5lb 4oz.
Liesal: baby Alexander William, born 14 December 2014, 7lb 3oz.
QuietTiger: baby girl born 18 December 2014.
Seasides: baby Freya born 20 December 2014.
TeaRex: baby boy born 20 December 2014, 7 lb 6 oz.
Amicablemoomin: baby girl just before Christmas 2014
CallingAllEngels: baby boy born 9 January 2015, 7lb 15 oz.
GailLondon: baby Oscar born 2 February 2015, 9lb 7 oz.
Babytinks11: Baby Lacey-Rae born 13 February 2015, 7lb 15 oz.
Blankfornames: baby Bobby born 21 February 2015, 8lbs 7 oz.
Silverine: baby Patrick born 2 March 2015, 3.78 kg (8 lb 5 oz).
Tannyloo: baby Bertie born 7 March 2015, 8lb 15.5oz.
HollyBen: baby boy Brodie 7 March 2015.
Littlemissy12345: baby boy Samuel Luke, born 26 March 2015, 8 lb 11oz.
Missmakesstuff: baby boy, born Good Friday 3 April 2015, 8 lb 15oz.
FloreneceandZebede: baby girl Niamh Alexandra, born Easter Sunday 5 April 2015, 9 lb.
Suzybean: baby Joseph Rowan, born 16 April 2015, 7 lb 8oz.
Mslad: baby girl born 16 May 2015, 7lb 2oz.
ToriB34: baby Oliver James Patrick, born 20 May 2015.
SunbathingCat: baby girl, born 30 May 2015, 7lbs.
longestlurkerever: baby Beth born 5 June 2015.
Phryn: baby Jacob Gabriel (known as Jake), born 11 June 2015, 8lb 4oz.
Boozle80: baby girl Mhairi, born 25 June 2015, 8lb 9.5oz.
thesmallbear: baby Esme Alice, born 4 July 2015, 8lbs.
thepurplegiraffe: baby girl Jessica Anna Rennie, born 8 July 2015 10:37am, 8lb 3oz.
Littlelady33: baby Nicholas born 23 July 2015, 3.5kg
gingerbreadman: baby Lucas born sleeping at 27 weeks 24 July 2015, may he rest in peace
Broodylicious: baby girl on 25 July 2015, 9lbs
Charlieis30: baby born 7 August 2015.
Happygojo: baby Eva born 8 August 2015. 7lb 3oz
cavamonster: baby Charlotte Grace born 29 August 2015. 7lb 1oz
Treaclepie19: baby boy Xander born 2 September 2015, 6lb 15oz
Allthefours: baby Ted Alexander John born 25 September 2015. 7lb 5oz
northdownmummy: baby Kirstie born 21 October 2015, 8lb 6oz

mrsdiddlydoo Thu 29-Oct-15 12:31:41

2nd time lucky

Please feel free to update or add yourself...

So consultant pretty much said to me that if my placenta hasn't moved by next scan which is next Thursday i'!ll be having a section at 39 weeks. Bit unsettled by it and currently doing lots of please move placenta dancing...

Nousername2015 Thu 29-Oct-15 14:01:23

Best of luck with the placenta dancing mrsd!

Just had a call from the hospital about humungobaby. They want to make an appointment to discuss my 'choices'. I've assumed birth options from this. I did want to go to a mlu but I'm assuming this may be out of the window now and they want me to consider early induction / c section. Eek.

Nousername2015 Thu 29-Oct-15 14:03:11

Weirdly though they seem happy that I don't have GD from my pre-preg bmi and the level of fluid around the baby, and also haven't mentioned a follow up growth scan!

I guess if he's still breech any 'choices' will be out of my hands anyway.

Sgoinneal Thu 29-Oct-15 16:11:29

Marking place!

HopeintheAir Thu 29-Oct-15 16:20:00

Hi everyone, could I please join you? Ive just found out that I am pg with #2 after a mc at 6 weeks in July this year. Really pleased as we had been trying for a while but also completely terrified!

BumbleBee0 Thu 29-Oct-15 20:26:23

Marking my place. I'm 22+6 today!

Thanks for the new thread and stats Metal and Diddly.

Welcome Helga and Hope! smile

RalucaMorena Thu 29-Oct-15 23:41:25

Hi! I need some good vibes!
I'm 37 and here are my stats. 1 ds, 2 mc, currently 14 week edd 28/4/16. Up until today I felt a tougher area in my tummy but to be fair I am also constipated. Today I had a toilet emergency and now I do not feel that tough area that tough. Tell me I am not losing my mind. I know, I need to relax. I thought I would after dating scan. This morning I even got a low risk result so up to the toilet situation I was chirpy. I need my chirpiness back! blush

mrsdiddlydoo Fri 30-Oct-15 13:21:45

Welcome hope and racula! Congratulations on your pregnancies. Hope they stay uneventful and boring.

nouser when is your appointment to discuss 'choices'?

Being punched and kicked loads today. Clearly my boxer girl is a fan of waitrose wild rice and halloumi salad... Or is that not a fan... Probably wants a steak or something. Ooo steak.... I feel a call to dh coming along re dinner plans thlsmile

HopeintheAir Fri 30-Oct-15 18:47:07

Thanks for the welcomes smile. Hope everyone's doing well.

MyNameIsSuz Fri 30-Oct-15 19:23:00

Hi everyone! I've kind of dropped off the thread a bit, could someone please add me back into the stats?

31, 21 weeks with #2, due 10th March, have 1 ds age 3, mmc in March 2015 at 13 weeks.

Allmychildrenhavepaws Sat 31-Oct-15 22:50:06

Hi all! Hope everyone is doing ok...not been on here much, but I see it as a good thing as it means I must be relaxing a bit more!? 12 week scan on Monday, I'll be 12&5...really looking forward to it, nervous though, always that bit of doubt isn't there?
Welcome newbies! May you have long, boring and uneventful pregnancies thlsmile
Thanks for adding my stats diddly, and thanks for the new thread metal!

cloudjumper Sun 01-Nov-15 11:05:11

Marking my place on the new thread.

31+2 today. We're in Somerset, visiting DH's relatives for half term. Very relaxing, although the Halloween party for about 15 3- and 4-year-olds yesterday nearly finished me off (well, not the party itself, but the preparations).thlconfused

Starting to struggle sleeping... Can't get comfortable anymore, and my hips really ache when I get up in the morning...

Nousername2015 Sun 01-Nov-15 11:49:58

Welcome hope and raluca. Wishing you both a straightforward and boring 9 months.

Waiting for a letter for the appointment mrsd, gone from being reassured about it to being a bit worried now I must admit.

Best of luck for tomorrow paws, it's great that you are managing to relax a bit.

31+2 cloud, how exciting! Although the halloween party would not be my idea of fun if I'm completely honest...

mrsdiddlydoo Sun 01-Nov-15 13:21:55

paws it wasn't me. I don't think... Can't actually remember. Let us know how tomo goes. Will be thinking of you

nouser try not to worry. Easier said than done I know.

31+2 cloud!!grin brilliant.

Actually feel like nesting. Bit weird but going with it. confusedsmile

Allmychildrenhavepaws Sun 01-Nov-15 22:05:48

Thanks diddly! Enjoy your nesting spree grin
Thanks nouser, try not to worry smile
cloud you poor bugger! Hope you manage to get some sleep soon....

Feels like the 'night before Christmas when your a kid' must try and sleeeep! confused

BumbleBee0 Mon 02-Nov-15 09:14:57

Good luck today paws! xxx

MyNameIsSuz Mon 02-Nov-15 09:24:20

Ooh good luck paws!

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