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Petrified of being pregnant again!

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Cgow Wed 28-Oct-15 20:51:19

So I have a amazing 5 month old baby girl and she's my world, but I'm so worried I may be pregnant again! It stems from this pregnancy, I found out I was expecting when I was 25+6 so I had no idea!
My period is now late (only by a day or so) but I am scared! There have been a few major changes this month.. Me going back to work .. Teething baby so I have been stressed, not sure if this has impacted it. I have had regular periods since birth and have been on the pill.
I really am not ready for another baby in fact my daughter is perfect and is all I need and want! I know it sounds awful but it's true right now.
I am too scared to take a test in case it's positive I really don't know what to do x

Junosmum Wed 28-Oct-15 21:38:06

You know what you need to do- take a test. It's the only way you'll know. You're only 5 months post birth, it could be anything!

Cgow Wed 28-Oct-15 21:56:04

I know it's just the total fear of it being positive! That's all my partner knows how worried I am about getting pregnant again I find it hard even know to sleep with him just in case even with all protection under the sun. I will just do the test tomorrow and hope for the best thing for me and that would be negative, have to be honest although I feel like it's horrible sad

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