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Fed up waiting now...

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teamrigby Wed 28-Oct-15 14:20:43

At 33 weeks, we are pretty much ready and I'm now feeling uncomfortable!

Still got 4 weeks left at work and am completely unmotivated, just doing handover guides and wrapping things up really!

Anyone else feeling the same? sad

mellowyellow1 Wed 28-Oct-15 15:32:33

I'm wayyy behind you at 17 weeks, I imagine I will feel the same as you though.

Lots of sympathy and brew, you're in the final stretch!

sophiaslullaby Wed 28-Oct-15 17:11:58

I'm due tomorrow although very much feel baby will be late. People keep 'checking' on me and one friend is so overly excited I think she's burst something. She asked if i was excited and I more or less said no. Of course I AM and can't wait to meet my little boy and brings happy tears when I think of him, but I'm just so tired, grumpy, sore, impatient and ratty that to be jumping up and down with glee isn't really an option.
And to have no one understand that is very disheartening.

If it helps though I actually felt more impatient and uncomfortable around 33 weeks, further towards the end I forced myself to not focus on the end date and just get on with life and my mood and feelings improved. Work will go quickly and then have projects to do round the house like sort photos out, re-organised a room etc.

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