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First scan ....

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MissN92 Wed 28-Oct-15 10:37:20


My first scan is in two days (I am about 12/13 weeks now ... give or take) and I am so scared. I have no idea what to expect - what will they do, what questions will they ask, will they bring up any medical history? (At first I had inquired about a termination, but my partner doesn't know; I was just in a state of shock and regret even thinking it!) Will it be a female conducting the scan?
Do you find out the results of the nuchal translucency test right away?

Gosh is this just the beginning of the never-ending worry of motherhood?!

Thankyou in advance!

zoeedge Wed 28-Oct-15 11:05:37

Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!! Try not to worry about the scan the sonographer (could be male or female) will call u in and ask u to lie on bed and lift up clothes so can get access to abdomen then will apply gel and start scanning ur see baby up on screen and hear heartbeat etc it seems to depend on the personality of sonographer whether they tell u much but everyone I know has been told when all has been ok!! At the hospital I had my scans u then spoke with a midwife afterwards there and then who went thru report and gave u ur confirmed due date!! They do not have access to your medical history and will not need to ask they print off a report and copy of picture (if you want to pay for it) so just try and enjoy the experience of getting a glimpse of your baby xxx

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 28-Oct-15 11:59:55

Don't worry at all! A lady did my scan-I was shocked at how low they have to scan (at one point I was on my side with my bum out so my trousers were low enough for her to scan grin ). They asked me some health and family history questions, took my bloods and urine sample and told me what to do next (booking midwife for 16 weeks etc). It was, for me, a nice experience. Xx

Elephantslovetofly Wed 28-Oct-15 13:02:30

You will be fine! I had my first scan last week, they took my handheld records from me at reception, so technically anything in there they could read. The only questions I was asked: how far along I thought I was, and had there been any issues (eg bleeding) with the pregnancy so far

I think most people can have the scan through their abdomen, but if they cannot get a good view you may have to have a vaginal probe inserted

They will measure the neural tube and it will be on the report, but it doesn't mean much on its own. If it's thin though it is reassuring

I was told that everything looked fine, I imagine if there are any concerns they will ask you to speak to a midwife afterwards

Enjoy it! I loved seeing my baby for the first time, it was the first real evidence I had that there is actually a baby growing in there :-)

MissN92 Wed 28-Oct-15 19:45:00

Thankyou for all of the reassurance!

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