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How soon can you test?

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Staceyaa Tue 27-Oct-15 23:11:27

Hi everyone just want a little advice, how early would you say is okay to test?

bittapitta Tue 27-Oct-15 23:13:11

The day you'd expect your period with a regular test.

Staceyaa Tue 27-Oct-15 23:23:03

Okay, aww I thought I mite be able to do one before then lol

bittapitta Tue 27-Oct-15 23:26:14

There are some more expensive tests that say they will tell you 2-3 days before. But they aren't as accurate so you might as well wait.

Shemozzle Wed 28-Oct-15 00:35:09

I got a bfp with my youngest 8 or 9 days post dtd, I used a super sensitive cheapie stick. You need to check the number of hcg the test detects. Look for the lowest number. Cheapie sticks are usually the most sensitive and FRERs.

Oysterbabe Wed 28-Oct-15 07:20:47

There are tests that might work up to 4 days before but it's honestly better to just wait so you can be more sure the result is accurate.
Even the early ones are only right about 50% of the time at 4 days before.

ValancyJane Wed 28-Oct-15 08:48:45

If you're going to do an early test, the First Response ones are (I think) the most sensitive ones you can buy in chemists.

I know you shouldn't test early, but I got a positive at 9dpo with a cheap one from Amazon, and a very strong clear positive at 10DPO with a FRER... The problem is if you get a BFN you keep obsessively testing and thinking 'what if' so it probably is best to wait until your period is due!

Staceyaa Wed 28-Oct-15 12:04:23

Okay thankyou everyone smile

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