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Switching hospitals.

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Greyhorses Mon 26-Oct-15 20:43:43

I am currently pregnant and am booked in and have had 12 week scan with one hospital however I want to move to a different hospital closer to home as its much easier to get to than the one I am currently at.

How do I change and is it going to be a nightmare for my midwife to do (she isn't very helpful at the best of times hmm)


Aus26 Tue 27-Oct-15 17:46:21

Hello, I switched hospitals at my booking in appointment and it was pretty easy. I had an early scan and found out I was having twins, told them so at my booking in (which was at a local midwife clinic close to my house rather than at the hospital) and they told me that all my treatment would be done directly at the hospital I chose for giving birth because of the twins. Both maternity departments where I live are equidistant from my house, but one is much much closer to where I work, so easier to get to appointments between now and when the babies are born. I'd previously chosen the other one, so I asked to switch and they said that I'd have to do my first scan which was already booked at the existing hospital but they would arrange all my other care with the new hospital. During my scan I told them I was moving hospitals and they said they'd arrange to move my records to the new hospital and when I had an appointment with the twins consultant a week later they were already there. It was an extremely straightforward and easy process for me so if you feel strongly about switching then go for it.

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