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30 weeks sex or no sex?

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KLou1105 Mon 26-Oct-15 18:10:47

So me and my dp have had normal sexual activity during pregnancy 3/4 times a weeks sorry if tmi. but on Friday night after DTD I had immediate what I thought were Braxton hicks (which I never had at all with my first) tightenings, pressure and lower back pain. After a few hours I began to panicking as they had not stopped and were now coming every 3mins! but weren't getting stronger. Anyway to cut a long story short ended up spending the night in hospital being monitored as they weren't sure if I was going in to early labour or not. after 8hours tightenings had stopped and I was allowed home. They told us that it was likely the sex had started it all off. No one said not to have sex again so Not sure what to do as I obviously don't want it to happen again.

azulpear Tue 27-Oct-15 12:18:55

Firstly, that sounds like a scary experience, I am glad all is ok now. I have to say congrats on having sex 3/4 times a week into the third trimester, my DP and I are averaging a lot less - mainly as I am so uncomfortable in the evenings with heartburn etc.

Hopefully if it was important that you not have sex then someone in the hospital would have told you. Maybe take things really gently next time and see what happens?

KLou1105 Tue 27-Oct-15 16:22:13

Thanks azulpear, yes was a very scary experience, I've seen midwife today and she just said to lay of it for a bit in a jokingly way, which didn't help confused and dw it's not very comfortable for me either And its not exactly energetic at 30+weeks iyswim lol grin x

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