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Is clearasil rapid action treatment safe in pregnancy

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milkyman Mon 26-Oct-15 16:54:22

I have bad spots on my chin and recently have been using a little of this - is it safe as am worrying now!

TinyMonkey Mon 26-Oct-15 21:00:20

Of course it's ok to use! A tiny amount of spot cream dabbed on your chin is hardly going to magically cross the placenta and harm your baby.

I wouldn't start swigging from the bottle or anything though.

Chin spots are usually hormonal anyway, so you may be fighting a bit of a losing battle.

Stinkilinky Mon 26-Oct-15 21:32:26

I'm sure I read that you shouldn't use it but I did once or twice when I had a really bad break out. DS arrived unharmed!

Stinkilinky Mon 26-Oct-15 21:33:15

P.s it didn't make a blind bit of difference to my spots though

milkyman Tue 27-Oct-15 07:16:02

Thanks all youve put my mind at rest - will stop using it though!

glitterbomb80 Tue 27-Oct-15 17:40:15

I've been using a Lumie Clearlight to deal with the hormonal spots - it took a few weeks to make a difference but it seems to have cleared everything right up. I love it!

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