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Tips for Hunger!

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Sanch1 Mon 26-Oct-15 12:28:10

I can't believe how hungry I am this time around. With DD I ate because I was greedy and put on 5 stone. I really dont want to do that this time so I am still running and being careful about what I eat, but I seem to be super hungry all the time, proper gurgly and empty tummy feeling. I've been having fruit but that's quite high sugar, and I'm not a veg fan, any ideas? I'm ony 6 weeks!

mrsnec Mon 26-Oct-15 12:42:30

Well I think there are worse things to want to snack on. The way I see it is it's not sweets or chocolate so it's not too bad. I am 22 weeks and still snacking on fruit.

Normally I would say try drinking more too but if I take too much fluid on board it makes my sickness worse. I would also suggest nuts too but when I tried that at the stage you are I ate an entire bag of cashews so that's not good either you need a bit of self control with that. How about oat cakes or rice cakes spread with something reasonably healthy and I agree 100% about eating veg as a snack too.

It's difficult isn't it. I am very conscious this time too.I wasn't that bad last time. But I'm already only 2 kg off my full term weight last time and I'm not eating any sweets at all this time. One of my relatives who is naturally very tiny told me to try not to worry about it because everyone gets bigger more quickly in subsequent pregnancies no matter how careful you are but making sensible choices is a good idea.

bugoven Mon 26-Oct-15 12:57:13

I gained so much in my first pregnancy but this time am at my prepregnancy weight at 37 weeks having lost a stone through morning sickness before 12 weeks and only regained that stone since.

I have been really active keeping my son (now 14 months) busy but also I have made an effort to drink loads. If I am really well hydrated and still hungry I have eaten pretty much whatever I want.

Don't worry too much about what you weigh just try to have healthy habits. Plenty of fluids and fruit sounds good to me =)

sepa Mon 26-Oct-15 15:14:01

Protein rich foods - fish, meat, eggs etc. Will hopefully keep you fuller for longer. I usually have toast for breakfast then hungry by 9:30. Today I had 2 eggs scrambled on 1 x toast and didn't have more food till midday

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