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TTC after miscarriage - is this cycle ''normal''?

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kiwifluff25 Mon 26-Oct-15 12:25:52

I really don't know if this is the right place to post this, so I'm sorry if it isn't.

I had a miscarriage in late July, the night before our 12 week scan. This was my first pregnancy, and as it's something we desperately want we started TTC again right away. I had a completely normal period 29 days after my miscarriage (August), and another period 29 days after that (September).

My last period was due on the 19th of October, but it hasn't yet arrived. It's now CD36. I'm getting negatives with FMU. With my last pregnancy I didn't get a positive until CD36, but my cycles were 31 days back then before I lost the baby.

I had a tiny bit of spotting today, not enough to go onto a tissue, but I was checking my cervical position (high, swollen/soft, closed) and got a bit of brown blood/discarge on my finger. I've since checked again and don't seem to be spotting any more.

Is it possible for our bodies metabolise HCG into urine later if we've had a recent miscarriage? Or has any one had any experience of a one off ''weird'' cycle post miscarriage?

I have no idea what's going on and I feel like my body is playing some awful joke.

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