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Brown discharge

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Mammy88 Sun 25-Oct-15 12:02:05

Hi I am coming up to 6 weeks pregnant and for the last 4 days I have been getting brown discharge when I wipe. The weird thing is, it only happens once a day and is always around the same time everyday! My question is has any one else had anything similar? I had a miscarriage 6 months ago around the time I am at now so worry that itshappening again. II'm not getting any pains/cramps or anything.

Happydays2000 Sun 25-Oct-15 13:29:42

I had brown discharge with my last pregnancy. It was intermittent and I was 10 wks. They scanned me and everything was fine. I'm sure you will be too but for piece of mind I'd go get it checked out.

Mammy88 Sun 25-Oct-15 14:11:24

Thanks, I will be phoning the hospital in themorning as advised by my midwife and will hhopefully be allowed to go in for a scan. I just find it weird how it only happens once a day and at the same timeconfused At least its nothing like my miscarriage was 6 months ago! Hopefully all is well.

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