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Just entering 2nd Trimester - Strange, Rashy skin!

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MissN92 Sun 25-Oct-15 00:42:06


In the last week or so I have noticed small, red marks on random parts of my body; they almost look like insect bits (but cant be!) Has anyone else experienced this and is it a bad sign? (I was silly and googled which I have now banned myself from doing!)
Any advice on what could help or what to do is appreciated!

VocationalGoat Sun 25-Oct-15 00:56:35

Get it looked at but be aware that skin gets weird in pregnancy. I get all sorts of bumps and little warty type growths (gross, I know) and my moles get larger and raised in pregnancy. Post partum, it all settles right back down. Bumps totally disappear, moles go flat and small. Odd! But for your own reassurance, just let the GP have a look. flowers

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