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Does anyone have experience recently in Lindo Wing? Is it still a good choice?

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Xiaohou Fri 23-Oct-15 14:22:44

Hi I am 7 weeks pregnant and looking for an obstetrician. After some research, it seems like Lindo Wing has very good views. Can anyone recommend a good doctor? I am 36 years old now. It is my first time. Really nervous.

bingandflop Sat 24-Oct-15 08:34:16

None at all but its where Kate Middleton had her 2 so I daresay it will be about the best

Brummiegirl15 Sat 24-Oct-15 13:42:20

Is there a particular reason why you want the Lindo wing? Do you want the comfort of a private wing or is it more the consultant care you are after?

You can of course still give birth in an NHS ward at St Mary's Paddington and still benefit from the consultant care if that makes sense?

Or if your preference is that you want a particular consultant - for example Guy Thorpe-Beeston and you have private insurance/wish to pay then you may be able to contact directly as many have their own private practices

Xiaohou Fri 06-Nov-15 15:22:19

Thank you - I think Kate Middleton will get special treatment everywhere, just a normal person here smile

I just googled for hospitals in London, seem like this one well known, if any problems hopefully better to be there, have hospital there. I don't live so close, and don't have experience of using NHS or doctors in UK, so I think can be easier if is private not NHS. Safety and comfort in that order are most important to me.

I am considering Dr Ge Zhang at Lindo Wing (I did a thread too ) and probably Guy Thorpe-Beeston such a well-known doctor too busy for me, so maybe little less well known doctor can be better? Give me more time and attention, I can be a little needy if I worry. What do you think?

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