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kep1979 Thu 22-Oct-15 15:48:34

I have already had two sections with my older children, the latest will be nearly 10 years ago by the time I have this little one. I was told I had a narrow pelvic arch with my eldest when they were assessing my readiness for induction due to low fluid levels, and therefore needed a section (ds1 was 9lbs at 37 weeks). Same hospital for ds2, and they just booked me in for section with no discussion about alternative; he was also large (10lb at 39 weeks).

I am now at a completely different hospital, with a much lower section rate (near enough half the previous one). Saw my (amazing) consultant for the first time this week and although she was perfectly happy for me to have section number 3 she also said she would strongly support me if I wanted to go for a VBA2C. They would still book a section date for close to my due date (they won't let me go over or induce me) but if I went into labour beforehand they would let me labour. Downsides would be close monitoring, but I am quite excited at the prospect of trying for a natural delivery.

I had a large pph after ds2 needing blood transfusions, following a much smaller one with ds1. I am keen to reduce the risk of this happening again. I am less worried about uterine rupture as, from what I've read, the length between my deliveries does reduce that risk somewhat. I also had adhesions removed last year caused by my last section - which may or may not have impacted fertility (took three years to conceive - although I do also have pcos).

I really wanted to hear from anyone who had experience of this, or could point me in the right direction of any resources/forums/groups where I can learn more about the relative risks (to me and baby) of a third section v VBA2C.

Thanks in advance and apologies for the essay!

BadgerFace Thu 22-Oct-15 18:01:52

I found this paper very informative when weighing up my VBAC vs ELCS options.

I think there was a section about previous multiple CS but I'm afraid I glossed over that part as I've only had one prior...

Do you intend on any more children or will number 3 be it? My consultant thought that was a very important question for my decision making. For us No. 2 will be it so it wasn't a factor for me in deciding.

Hopefully someone more knowledgable than me on 2 previous sections will be along next!

kep1979 Thu 22-Oct-15 18:54:44

We would like one more after this (this is dh's first and we would like two together) although it may be tricky due to age and fertility issues. Thanks for the link.

BadgerFace Thu 22-Oct-15 19:49:03

if there is a possibility of another baby then I think that is a big factor towards trying for a VBAC.

It might be worth having a search on the childbirth topics section if you've not already. I'm sure there were some threads in the last month or so about multiple sections vs VBACs.

kep1979 Thu 22-Oct-15 20:28:48

I definitely have baby brain as I didn't even spot the childbirth board! I will post this there. Thanks again.

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