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Thrush in pregnancy, going insane!!

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3timesascrazy Thu 22-Oct-15 09:44:02

This is my third pregnancy and from pretty much the start I have had recurrent thrush, DP and I pass it between ourselves during intercourse (we do treat ourselves!) and its driving me absolutely crazy!
Pleeeease tell me this will end once this pregnancy is over?! I've never suffered with it before and I've had enough.

Treating it makes it go away quickly and easily, however it comes back within a few weeks - usually silently at first so we DTD then boom! back to a red itchy mess sad

Is anyone else going through this? Im aware its fairly common in pregnancy and would like some much needed hand holding

Skiptonlass Thu 22-Oct-15 10:14:28

As well as being treated, you need to make sure you're washing all bedding, towels and undies on a hot wash and if possible tumble drying them too. Iron your pant gussets - the heat will kill off the yeast.

I'd also see your doc - one of you may not be clearing the infection totally.

3timesascrazy Thu 22-Oct-15 12:13:23

Thank you, ill start washing things on a hotter wash and see if that helps!

Sadie91 Fri 23-Oct-15 10:02:31

I feel your pain!
I had never had it before being pregnant and then BAM! Throughout the whole bloody thing it was constant, so much so that they thought it was my waters leaking! blush
Literally as soon as I had my daughter it stopped, and two years on I've only had it once (fingers crossed it stays that way)
Keep on with treatments, I did it all the way through my pregnancy, wear comfy underwear and keep bedding and clothes clean ect.
Good luck Hun xxx

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