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High BP and pre-eclampsia symptoms but normal bloods and no proteinurea.. Fed up!

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hannahbanananana Wed 21-Oct-15 15:16:16

For the past 5ish weeks I've been feeling pretty rough.. I'm 27 weeks and 4 days at the moment. It all started with excruciating headaches, I honestly felt like someone was crushing my head with the occasional stabbing pain. I saw my GP who said my BP was slightly raised (at this point 120/85 compared with 100/68 at booking) but to keep coming back every few days to get it checked and they'd check my urine for protein. The headaches got no better over the next 2 weeks and I started to get terrible pain in my right shoulder. It wasn't there all the time but when it was it was unbearable! BP was sometimes up, sometimes normal and no protein, so he said I was ok to go back to seeing my midwife as normal and to keep taking co-codamol for the pain. I went back to see the GP as I started seeing little black dots everywhere and the pain had gotten no better, so he sent me to eye casualty who said it was most likely because my BP was high (140/95 at that point). Saw my midwife last week and my BP was 148/102 so she sent me to maternity triage. It settled a little, and no protein, but was told to come back for weekly monitoring. I went on Monday and it was 158/105, but again no protein and all bloods normal. I'm still getting the headaches (although they aren't as bad as they were), the floaters are still there and the shoulder pain is horrendous! I didn't sleep a wink last night as I was in agony. It feels like someone has a huge needle in there and is fiddling around inside with it. I'm having BP and urine checks twice weekly, scans every four weeks and now high risk, consultant led. They have said everything other than the blood pressure is normal and that my bloods aren't showing any signs of pre-eclampsia yet, but they haven't given me any explanation for the symptoms. Has anyone had any similar experiences? Feeling a bit fed up!

Jellybean100 Wed 21-Oct-15 16:18:44

Sometimes you can have something called PIH- pregnancy induced hypertension- which basically means high blood pressure because you are pregnant. High blood pressure with headaches doesn't always mean pre eclampsia. If they are monitoring your urine and bloods and all clear then it sounds like that's what you have. However BP which is continuously raised like that needs medication which you may find yourself on if your BP doesn't settle. It also means that you may end up with pre eclampsia or HELLP syndrome some point in the future so will need regular monitoring. I'm sorry you're having such a rubbish time xx

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