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cramping and bleeding

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emmajay30 Wed 21-Oct-15 13:27:12

Hi, I am 4 weeks off my 42nd Birthday and was, or maybe still am 11 weeks pregnant with my first
I started having blood smears in my urine , only when I wiped last friday, stopped completely saturday and sunday and came back Monday
Monday started bleeding, but again only when I wiped, varied from very very pale pink to red and back to brown
Some very very small clots have come out, again varying in colour, last night I had cramps, but nothing like I usually experience with my period and I would say that I have only passed maybe a teaspoon of watery blood since last friday, again nothing like when I have a full period

I know I need to go to the doctors and maybe for a scan, but I don't want to go and and see there is no baby there, it would seem more 'real' whereas if I don't see the scan, for me I would be able to cope better if I have had a miscarriage

My question is, how long does it take for a miscarriage to pass throughly and does it sound like I am having a miscarriage?
I have given myself until Monday , which by then, I shall go and have a scan/doctors if nothing more happens

I have not felt sick or anything, throughout but today I don't 'feel' pregnant if that makes sense? maybe its all in my head sad

Jellybean100 Wed 21-Oct-15 13:33:48

If you think you have miscarried you would still need a scan I think to check that everything has passed unfortunately. X

WhattaMorning Wed 21-Oct-15 17:04:56

It's difficult to judge. Many women bleed at varying points of pregnancy and go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies while unfortunately many others do not. The only definitive way to determine wether you have miscarried or not is to have a scan.

It's seems to be standard practice for the ultrasound technician to keep the screen tilted away from you so you cannot see the screen whilst they check for viability. And if they don't you can tell them you don't want to see so please don't let that put you off.

Nousername2015 Wed 21-Oct-15 17:58:59

I had to have a scan to confirm a miscarriage. I asked them not to show me the screen and they were very respectful of my wishes. You do need a scan to see what is happening, however you can ask not to see anything.

May09Bump Wed 21-Oct-15 18:08:06

You should call your midwife and request an early scan or you can call your early pregnancy unit at your chosen hospital directly (number should be in your notes), explain and normally they will ask you to come in.

I'm 12 weeks and don't feel pregnant, I think because the hormones are leveling out.

I know it's scary, but you need to get a scan. Fingers crossed all is OK, many women bleed during pregnancy and go on to have a healthy baby.

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